Careers for Russian Studies Majors and Emerging Threats in Cybercrime Arena

Careers for Russian Studies Major

On October 18, 2019, Danny Wysong, Russian Studies alumnus (2007) talked about how his expertise in Russian language and culture opened up for him an exciting career in the field of cybersecurity. His past jobs in both the public and private sector have ranged from the detection and prevention of international human trafficking to the… Read More

Tepper Lecture Series: Stalin’s Master Narrative

Prof. David Brandenberger

On September 19, 2019, Professor David Brandenberger from University of Richmond gave a talk entitled “Stalin’s Master Narrative” in which he discussed his book Stalin’s Master Narrative: A Critical Edition of the Short Course on the History of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks), co-edited with Mikhail Zelenov (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2019). Dr. Brandenberger talked… Read More

Visualizing Saint Petersburg – One Month In (July 15)


After a month, students in the Saint Petersburg study abroad program find themselves in the thick of their documentary productions, taking advantage of every opportunity while in the field. Producing a documentary film is not an easy task. It takes a lot of research and planning to develop a story idea, to consider which concepts… Read More

The Beginning of Our Second Full Week in St. Petersburg (WM in Russia)


Officially as of today, we have been in St. Petersburg for two full weeks! It’s hard to believe that time is flying by so fast! This past Monday, Sasha surprised us with a tour of Pushkin’s Museum, instead of our afternoon class. It was a great surprise! Pushkin’s Museum is located in the last apartment… Read More

First Week in Ufa (WM in Russia)

So I have been in Ufa for a little over a week and though it was time to post an update. Before we left for Russia, our group had a CLS orientation in Washington to meet each other and get information about how to use Russian after we graduate. It was great to meet all… Read More

WM Students Explore Russia (June-July 2011)


This year WM Russian Studies students run a blog about their research, studies and adventures in Russia.  If you would like to read the recent news from Russia, visit our blog at

CONGRATULATIONS TO the 2011 recipients of awards and scholarships in Russian and Post-Soviet Studies!

We wish to extend congratulations to the 2011 recipients of prizes and scholarships in Russian & Post-Soviet Studies. Monika Bernotas (Charles Center Scholarship for International Research) Monika Bernotas (Honorable Mention Certificate, ACTR National Rusian Essay Contest) Tara Calloway (Phi Beta Kappa) Sophie Kosar (2011 Dobro Slovo Scholarship) Jacob Lassin (Critical Language Fellowship, Ufa, Bashkortostan) Suzanne… Read More

Monika Bernotas and Suzanne Reed Win Honorable Mention Certificates at the 12th National Russian Essay Contest (May 2011)!


Congratulations to the winners of the Twelfth Annual ACTR National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest.  This year two William and Mary students win honorable mention certificates: Monika Bernotas and Suzanne Reed. In this year’s contest, there were 1,139 essays submitted from 59 universities and colleges across the nation. Each essay was ranked by three judges in Russia.

Congratulations Class of 2011 Russian Studies Graduates!

Class of 2011 Russian Studies Graduates

Congratulations class of 2011 Russian Studies graduates! We hope to see you all soon at our traditional October Homecoming Reception in the Russian House!

Monika Bernotas receives Charles Center Scholarship for International Research (April 2011)

Monika Bernotas has been awarded the Charles Center Scholarship for International Research for her summer 2011 research project. This much sought after scholarship will help Monika to study experimental art communities in Lithuania and Russia.

Sinnott, William (class of 2011)

William Sinnott  accepted his offer to Georgetown’s MA program in Russian and East European Studies. In 2011 Will received the Post-Secondary Russian Scholar Laureate Award. (update: 2012).

NASA honored the 50th anniversary (today) of Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s historic launch into space

NASA honored the 50th anniversary (today) of Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s historic launch into space, was to have Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson team up with astronaut Cady Coleman for the “first space-Earth flute duet.”  They played part of Bourree, which Anderson and his band played on tour way back in 1969 when the Apollo… Read More

THE INNER CIRCLE. The Second Screening of theFilm Series: Russian History on Reels.

The Inner Circle (1991, dir. Andrei Konchalovsky) Full Description The second film in our mini-series on Monday April 4, 7 pm (Washington 302). The Inner Circle (1991, dir. Andrei Konchalovsky), starring the multi-talented Tom Hulce and Lolita Davidovich, is based on Ivan Sanchin, a KGB officer who is Stalin’s private film projectionist during the war… Read More

Public Lecture: An Eye Witness Account: Doing Hi Tech Business in Russia

Public Lecture An Eye Witness Account: Doing Hi Tech Business in Russia Friday 3/25 at 3:30pm in Miller Hall 1088 As an executive of the United Technologies Corporation, Peter Barzach developed, implemented and managed the start-up of the first US Manufacturing Joint Venture (JV) with a member company of the Russian Ministry of Defense in history.  The  JV was featured in the IVth Gore-Chernomyrdin Summit as an example of how to do business in Russia.  The JV recently celebrated it’s 10th anniversary and won the Presidents Medal, the highest award given by the Russian Federation. Mr. Barzach will discuss his experiences and the challenges of doing business in Russia. Sponsored by the Russian and Post-Soviet Studies Program Once they post a photo or a message online, it’s out there forever for the world to see that includes college admissions best key logger program counselors, summer job employers, etc.

WM Students take part in the 12th National Russian Essay Competition


This year nine students from three levels of Russian language courses took part in the competition: 5 students from Russian 102 (Cheng Cheng, Ciara Kazmierski, Karl Carlson, Robin Parrish, and Peter Yanev), 3 students from Russian 202 (Monika Bernotas, Eleonora Figliuoli, and Alex McGrath), and one student from Russian 340 (Suzanne Reed). Wie… Read More

Conference: Post-Soviet Television: Global Formats and Russian Power


The international symposium “Post-Soviet Television: Global Formats and Russian Power” aims to offer a survey and a critical, reflective assessment of new approaches to the study of television in post-Soviet Russia. During the 1990s Russian television experimented with the new formats and modes of production (private, public, foundation-sponsored, joint-stock company). By the beginning of the… Read More

Public Film Screening at the Muscarelle Museum of Art: DESERT OF FORBIDDEN ART


Starts: February 24, 2011 at 7:00 PM Location: Muscarelle Museum of Art Event URL: Contact:, Summary This award-winning 2010 documentary highlights the life and achievements of Igor Savitsky (1915-1984), who rescued 44,000 works of unsanctioned Soviet art and founded a museum to display them. Today, the Nukus Art Museum, located in Karakalpakstan,… Read More

Dr. Robert Moynihan Visits William and Mary


Dr. Robert Moynihan, the editor of the magazine INSIDE THE VATICAN, presents a talk “Moscow and Rome: latest developments in Vatican-Russian relations in a geopolitical context.”  Dr. Moynihan earned his Ph.D. at Yale U and his BA at Harvard. Instead, present owners would be getting a toned down 7.

Film Series: The Lighter Side of Russia


“The Lighter Side of Russia” Thursday January 27, February 3, February 10 at 5 pm in Washington 301 The Russian and Post-Soviet Studies Program presents a series of contemporary Russian comedies that will definitely make you laugh and maybe change your perceptions about modern Russian culture. The films are Piter FM (Jan 27), Plus One (Feb 3),… Read More

Film Screening: Taras Bulba


(2009: Dir. Vladimir Bortko) Cossacks, forbidden pleasures, blood and gore.  One critic called Vladimir Bortko’s adaptation of Taras Bulba—Gogolivud, a Hollywood action spectacle that has nothing to do with Nikolai Gogol’s 19th century novella, on which it is allegedly based, and everything to do with the conventions of the commercial film epic.  Come watch the… Read More

FILM SERIES Russian Fantasy Film: From the Folk Tale to the Action Thriller


Mark your calendars.  Russian Studies students present three Russian fantasy films: an epic, a Soviet scifi film, and a post-Soviet action thriller.  Screenings: Oct 7, Sadko (1953), Oct 14, The Amphibian Man (1962), and Oct 21 Night Watch (2004).  All screenings will be in Tyler 201 at 5 pm. assignment help.

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