Spring 2020

elcome to the Spring 2020 Issue of Global Voices, William & Mary’s Modern Languages & Literatures newsletter. Like all of you, we have had to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many of our time-honored traditions were adapted for a virtual environment. First and foremost here is our graduation ceremony. After a virtual conferral of degrees in the morning of May 16, the language programs that make up W&M’s Modern Languages Department met online to celebrate our graduating seniors. Family members and friends from far-flung places could join in the virtual space of the computer screen, hear about our students’ achievements, and wish them well as we sent thegradsgvm out into the world. Visit our presentation of the MLL Class of 2020, and read up on our graduates’ profiles by clicking on the photographs!

Even though the semester was upended when the campus closed after spring break, most of our activities continued in innovative ways. Classes met online, research was planned and conducted, honors theses presented, and awards were won. While study abroad programs had to be cancelled, Language House operations swiftly moved online. We congratulated Prof. Giulia Pacini and Prof. Rob Leventhal on their promotions, and said farewell to Prof. Katherine Kulick of French and Francophone Studies and TESOL, who retired after a long career at W&M.

In these times of financial uncertainty for many of our students, your gifts have an even greater impact than usual. As soon as we return to campus, and as study abroad programs resume, it will be your contribution that makes a difference in a student’s life. Consider giving to the department, or to one of our language programs:

With best wishes for your health and well-being,

Jennifer Gülly
Senior Lecturer of German Studies
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Spring 2020 Stories:

  • International Fellow Rina Okada
  • Bee Chessman ’16, MFA ’20! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
  • Veronika Burney, Lecturer of German Studies, Wins A&S Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence!
  • Silvia Tandeciarz is Chancellor Professor of Modern Languages & Literatures
  • Language Houses During the Corona Closure
  • Spotlight on W&M Alumni Careers and the Hispanic Studies Major: MEDICINE
  • Japan Studies Announces 2020 Kinyo Awards
  • NEH Summer Stipend – Congrats, Prof. Hill!
  • Congratulations to four Honorable Mentions of the ACTR National Russian Essay Contest!
  • Summer ’20 Monroe Scholarship – Language learning through Bilingual Narratives
  • Summer ’20 Student research – Ixil speakers
  • Student research – Inclusive language at W&M and in the community
  • Alum Adventures – Peter Jones (class of 2019)
  • Student Research – Max Minogue
  • Hispanic Studies Alum Ola Pozor
  • PBK initiates from Hispanic Studies
  • 3 MLL Faculty Receive Diversity Recognitions 2020
  • Maslenitsa Celebration in the Russian House
  • Cross-disciplinary Panel on the Novel “American Dirt”
  • Bella Ginzbursky-Blum Receives National AATSEEL Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Spring 2020 Features:

  • Japanese Studies Program Showcases Student Achievement with its first Senior Thesis Colloquium
  • Japanese Studies Celebrates First Majors!
  • Italian Studies Graduates 2020
  • Congratulations German Studies Class of 2020!
  • A Special Commencement for Italian Graduates
  • Italian Senior Spotlight: Zoe Nelson
  • Italian Senior Spotlight: Tianyi Vanessa Cai
  • Margot Baden Receives 2020 Japanese Book Prize
  • Brian Donahue named Chinese Studies Outstanding Graduate
  • Congrats to the Chinese Studies class of 2020!
  • Congratulations RPSS Studies Class of 2020!
  • Award Reception for RPSS Graduating Seniors
  • Congratulations to RPSS Major Grace Kier
  • Congratulations to French and Francophone Studies Major Kristen Popham!
  • Graduating Senior Awards – Outstanding Achievement Award in Hispanic Studies
  • Graduating Senior Awards – Howard M Fraser Award
  • Graduating Senior Awards – Merritt Cox
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