Adding an Image to a Post

Here is the quick and easy way to add an image from your computer to a post you created in WordPress:

Editing an Item


You can edit items very easily by clicking on the (edit) link next to the name of the person who posted the item. Here’s a brief tutorial to show you how: watch?v=8KovvhrrEV0 Typically the volume of a research paper is from 8 to 10 pages, therefore the chosen topic should be narrowly focused and… Read More

Adding a News Item

Here’s a short tutorial on adding a basic news item watch?v=kwwjuTwGUBM Skype addressed some performance related issues in the last update to reduce the drain on battery spy on someones phone uk life.

Archiving a Past Event

This tutorial will show you how to quickly transition a past event from the Events area of the website to the News area so the past event is now a News item. The news item can either be a Departmental news item, a Section news item, or both. watch?v=bdw__Y5iD0k This method can be well suited… Read More

Adding an Event

Adding an event to the Global Voices pages is pretty simple, but you can follow this tutorial for a little refresher: watch?v=eIbM2Svdyeg However, when writing the paper, use only the sample nursing admission essay special literature.

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