A Mural for Washington Hall

For one week in April, the lobby in Washington Hall looked a bit like a construction site, replete with scaffolding and yellow tape. If you took the time out of your busy day, you could look up towards the ceiling, and observe the evolution of a work of art. Students in Prof. Magali Compan’s class… Read More

Gabriella Carney (’18) receives USTA Fulbright to Vienna, Austria

Gabriella has received a prestigious U.S. Teaching Assistantship to Vienna, Austria. She will also be continuing her fencing training there as she works on qualifying for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Congratulations!

Cierra Filla (German Studies and European Studies ’18) receives USTA Fulbright to Linz, Austria

Cierra Filla has received a prestigious U.S. Teaching Assistantship (USTA – Fulbright in Austria) to teach at a secondary school in Linz! Cierra is excellently prepared, having been a teaching assistant for German Studies at W&M for more than two years. Congratulations!

Stephen Sheehi (Arabic Studies) receives the Arts & Sciences 2018 Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence

Informed by a genuine pleasure in academic dialogue, Professor Sheehi’s teaching engages the nuances of identity and opens the door for his students to develop new and productive ways to think about the complex history of the Middle East. With great energy, intellectual playfulness, fresh ideas, and humor, he consistently leads civil discussions about highly… Read More

John Riofrio (Hispanic Studies) recognized with the Arts & Sciences 2018 Faculty Governance Award

Since joining the faculty in 2009, Professor Riofrio has contributed in vigorous and consequential ways to matters of governance before the faculty. His persistent voice for academic rigor, interdisciplinarity, and creative approaches helped to shape the new College Curriculum, followed by insightful service on various implementation working groups, culminating in his appointment as an inaugural… Read More

National Italian Honor Society 2018 Induction Ceremony


The Gamma Kappa Alpha National Italian Honor Society acknowledges superior scholastic performance in the field of Italian language, literature, cinema, and culture of students in higher learning in the United States and Canada. In spring 2018 the Gamma Kappa Alpha Chapter of William & Mary proudly recognized the outstanding undergraduate scholarship in Italian Studies of… Read More

Maryse Fauvel (French and Francophone Studies) Retires

Grad 25 Large

Maryse Fauvel, Professor of French and Francophone Studies, retires this year after more than twenty years of teaching at W&M. During her tenure at W&M, Professor Fauvel published Exposer “l’autre”. Essai sur la Cité nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration et le Musée du quai Branly (2014); Tâches d’encre, Maryse Fauvel, co-author, Heinle Cengage (2011); A vous de… Read More

Rebecca Lamb (French and Francophone Studies and International Studies, ’18) Receives the St. Onge Prize

The newest recipient of the prestigious St. Onge Prize in French and Fancophone Studies is Rebecca Lamb, a double-major in French and Francophone Studies and International Relations. The prize is awarded to outstanding students who are continuing their studies in graduate school. Rebecca has fond memories of her courses in French, particularly with Prof. Magali… Read More

Professor Nathan Rabalais (French and Francophone Studies) publishes book of original poetry


Prof. Brett Brehm sat down with Nathan Rabalais to talk about his new book of original poetry in French, Le Hantage: un ouvrage de souvenance, just published by Éditions Tintamarre. BB: I’m intrigued by the play of text and image in this book. Could you tell us how you conceived of that interplay? NR: I… Read More

Gabriella Carney (Russian and Post-Soviet Studies, ’18) and the Russian Folk Tradition in Music

Before I started my undergraduate career at the College of William & Mary, I figure skated competitively.  Taking lessons from a couple of Russian Olympians and skating to the popular Russian folk song “Kalinka” were perhaps the two main factors that launched my interest in studying Russian.  Little did I know that I would decide… Read More

Senior Profile: Laura Ferraro (Japanese Studies and English, ’18)


As a student, Ms. Ferraro has had the opportunity to participate in many different programs related to Japan. She worked as a peer assistant in the Keio-WM Cross Cultural Collaboration helping Japanese students do comparative research on US and Japanese culture, and subsequently studied abroad at Keio University. At William & Mary, She lived in… Read More

Senior Profile: Mackenzie Neal (Government, East Asian Studies, Japanese Studies, ’18)


Mackenzie Neal began studying Japanese in high school and has continued to explore the Japanese language and culture during her time at the College. A Government major with a minor in East Asian Studies, her research interests include Japanese soft-power politics and Asia/Pacific security architecture. She has served as a TA for the Japanese Language… Read More

Senior Profile: Yunyi Zhu (Japanese Studies, 18)


The study of Japanese is the skill set that Yunyi Zhu pursued during his four years at the College of William and Mary, thanks to the enthusiasm of Japanese Study program professors. He especially benefited by studying abroad at Keio University and counts that experience as one of the best memories of his life. In… Read More

Daniel Birriel (Japanese Studies and AMES, ’18) Explores Japanese Video Culture


Daniel Birriel is very interested in Japanese language and culture, and someday hopes to work for Nintendo localizing video games. These interests led him to focus his AMES Capstone Paper on how localization affects intercultural exchange and the response Japanese video game companies should take regarding this exchange. Understanding localization requires an understanding of how… Read More

Japanese Studies Program Awards Kinyo Prizes

Kinzo Prize

The Japanese Studies Program is proud to announce the recipients of Kinyo Awards for Excellence in Japanese language study for 2017 – 2018 academic year. The prize recognizes the hard work and achievement of the top student at each level of William and Mary’s Japanese language program. The awards are made possible through the generous… Read More

Senior Profile: John Hoskins (Russian and Post-Soviet Studies, ’18)


I first became interested in Russian Studies after eating at an Eastern European restaurant the summer after I graduated from high school. The food was so unlike anything that I had ever tried before, and the atmosphere was so unique and fresh that I wanted to learn more. I did some reading about Russia, Russian,… Read More

Arianna Afsari (Russian Studies, ’18) Receives CLS Scholarship to Study in Vladimir, Russia


Arianna Afsari has received the Critical Language Scholarship, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, to study Russian. Arianna will participate in an intensive eight-week Russian language program in Vladimir, Russia this summer. Поздравляем!!! “I am so honored to receive this incredible opportunity to partake in Russian immersion this summer!,” Arianna said. “I encourage all… Read More

Bailey Orr (Russian and Post-Soviet Studies and English, ’18) accepted to PhD Program in Slavic Studies at Indiana

Over the past four years, much of my academic and extracurricular life on campus has revolved around Russian and Post-Soviet Studies. I have participated in student-led groups, such as the Russian and English language newspaper Gazeta and the Russian Music Ensemble. I lived in the Russian language house for two years. This year, I also… Read More

Rachel Dubit (Classical Studies and Italian Studies Minor, ’18) Defends Honors Thesis and Starts Graduate Studies at Stanford

Skyler Anne Photography LLC - DC Photographer

Rachel Dubit graduates in Spring 2018 with a major in Classical Studies (Latin) and a minor in Italian Studies. During her time at William & Mary, she has studied abroad in Italy twice and in Greece. In addition to Latin and Ancient Greek, she continues to study Italian literature and German language and will participate… Read More

Senior Profile: Bailey Orr (Russian and Post-Soviet Studies and English, ’18)


Over the past four years, much of my academic and extracurricular life on campus has revolved around Russian and Post-Soviet Studies. I have participated in student-led groups, such as the Russian and English language newspaper Gazeta and the Russian Music Ensemble. I lived in the Russian language house for two years. This year, I also… Read More

Senior Profile: Zachary Rubin (Chinese Studies, ’18)


I began studying Chinese in the summer of 2011. Now, seven years later, it seems almost natural that I would major in it, but this has been a wonderful journey. I’m grateful to everyone in the Chinese department, both the professors and the students, for making the last four years so memorable. I still remember… Read More

Senior Profile: Reid Fennerty (Chinese Studies, ’18)


When I entered William & Mary as a Freshman in the Fall of 2014, I knew that I wanted to study a subject that would allow me learn more about and connect with people and cultures around the world. After some exploring, it became clear that Chinese was the obvious fit. As a Sophomore, I… Read More

Senior Profile: Rebecca Lamb (International Relations and French and Francophone Studies, ’18)


I am so thankful for the opportunities the French department at William & Mary has given me over the past four years.  I’ve had great professors and met some of my closest friends in this department.  When I was a freshman, I remember taking the French freshman seminar with Professor Magali Compan—and how incredibly intimidated… Read More

Senior Profile: Pedro Ramos (Hispanic Studies, ’18)


I am very happy with my decision to double major in Hispanic Studies and History. After taking Advanced Grammar and Composition with Professor Jorge Terukina Fall of my Freshman year, I decided I wanted to major in Hispanic Studies. The small class size and professor support that I encountered from my first class in the… Read More

Senior Profile: Nicole Cook (Chinese Studies and International Relations, ’18)

My name is Nicole Cook and I am graduating with a double major in International Relations and Chinese Studies. I feel beyond blessed to have been a part of the Chinese Department all four years! I truly love the challenge of mastering a second language so different from English. I entered William & Mary never… Read More

Senior Profile: Natalie Revers (Chinese Studies, ’18)


I cannot imagine my college experience without the Chinese Studies program. I was nervous to transition from a high school to college level language program, but my Chinese 202 teacher worked hard to bring me up to speed with my older classmates and made me feel comfortable in a challenging learning environment. She was the… Read More

Senior Profile: Monica Thompson (French and Francophone Studies, ’18)


The past four years in the French department at William & Mary have given me countless memories and opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom. The French classes I’ve taken here have covered a diverse range of subjects- from art history, to Francophone North America, to the portrayal of monsters in 18th century literature- which… Read More

Senior Profile: Monica Quellet (French and Francophone Studies, ’18)


I have had an amazing experience as a French and Francophone Studies major at William & Mary. Coming from a French Canadian background, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I took my first French class. After four years taking classes in the French Department, I can absolutely say that I’ve learned so much. I’ve… Read More

Senior Profile: Margaret Collins (French and Francophone Studies, ’18)


I began my French major simply intending to retain some of the language I had learned in high school. However, I have learned so much during my four years of taking French here at William and Mary beyond simply becoming more fluent in the language. From Art and Culture classes, to the history of Versailles,… Read More

Senior Profile: Liam Kierans (Chinese Studies, ’18)


The Chinese Department at William & Mary was instrumental in my progress from high school to what lies beyond. I have taken Chinese every semester but one here, beginning with 301 and ending with 404. I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to major or minor in Chinese, but Tang Laoshi gave me the… Read More

Senior Profile: Lea Ellery (French and Francophone Studies, ’18)


Over the past four years, my French courses have pushed me to think from different perspectives and express myself in new ways. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to study and research in France twice through the French department. These experiences helped me to hone my language and interpersonal skills in and out… Read More

Senior Profile: Lawrence Thurber (Hispanic Studies and Finance, ’18)


My name is Lawrence Thurber and I am a double major in Hispanic Studies and Finance. I really enjoyed my academic track and experience at William and Mary because I was able to combine business with intercultural communication thanks to the Hispanic Studies department to create my own international business degree. Through the Hispanic Studies… Read More

Senior Profile: Kelley Doyle (Hispanic Studies and Religious Studies, ’18)


Hola a todxs! My name is Kelley Doyle and I am a Hispanic Studies and Religious Studies double major. Coming into college, I knew I wanted to continue Spanish, having begun studying the language in middle school. My first semester, I jumped right in and took a Freshman Seminar with Professor Cate-Arries called “Imaginando Madrid:… Read More

Senior Profiles: Katherine Scott (French and Francophone Studies, ’18)


I knew I’d found my home at the College on the first day of my freshman year in Professor Magali Compan’s French 151 seminar. I loved the chance to connect with other francophiles and to have challenging, enriching discussions together. Through the Francophone lens, I loved learning about art, history, culture, linguistics, poetry, and so… Read More

Senior Profile: Kate Qiu (Chinese Studies, ’18)


I went into my Freshman year totally unsure of what I wanted to pursue. I have always been interested in my Chinese heritage, which led me take A Brand New China as my freshman seminar and enroll in the Heritage Speakers course. Every semester, I found myself wanting to make space to take more and… Read More

Senior Profile: Josh Greenfield (Interdisciplinary Studies [Linguistics] and Russian Studies, ’18)


In my few years here, I’ve been as active a participant in three separate departments within Modern Languages, and would have gladly done more if it was possible to cram so much into such a short period of time. My absolute favorite thing about each of these departments are the professors that are so glad… Read More

Senior Profile: Jesse Tanson (French and Francophone Studies, ’18)


Throughout my time with the French department, I have learned a great deal about not only French culture but the cultures of other francophone countries as well. I appreciate the relationships I developed with my professors and the opportunities they gave me to pursue a variety of interests in the context of French such as… Read More

Senior Profile: Jay Quimby (Chinese Studies, ’18)


My interest in Chinese language and culture began when I lived in Hong Kong and Beijing for middle school and high school.  During my time at William and Mary as a double major in Chinese and Government, I was able to further expand my knowledge of China while thinking about how to aid US-China relations in… Read More

Senior Profile: Jasmine Curry (French and Francophone Studies, ’18)


One of the most meaningful experiences that I’ve had with the French and Francophone Studies Program has been my junior year study abroad in Montpellier. I would have never studied abroad in Montpellier and met all the incredible people I did if not for the program. I’m so grateful to all the powerful women within… Read More

Senior Profile: Jack Lynch (Chinese Studies, ’18)


I’ve been interested in Chinese ever since I lived in Beijing as a kid. It’s been interesting learning more about the language and culture these last four years. I spent my junior year studying abroad at Tsinghua, where I improved my language skills and traveled around the country. After graduation, I’m moving to Seattle to work… Read More

Senior Profile: Hannah Gourdie (French and Francophone Studies, ’18)


Through the French and Francophone Studies program, I’ve learned invaluable communication skills and deepened my knowledge of cultures abroad. Through my courses and with the support of fantastic professors and classmates, I’ve engaged with texts, art, and film from around the world, which has enriched and diversified my education. My mentors in the department challenged… Read More

Senior Profile: Genevieve Hammersley (Hispanic Studies, ’18)


The Hispanic Studies department was fundamental to my time at William & Mary. I was fortunate enough to balance humanities and business, being a Finance and Hispanic Studies double major. My background in Spanish goes all the way back to elementary school, where I was in an immersion program. Fast forward to college, and I… Read More

Senior Profile: Gabriella Carney (Russian Studies, ’18)


Before I started my undergraduate career at the College of William & Mary, I figure skated competitively.  Taking lessons from a couple of Russian Olympians and skating to the popular Russian folk song “Kalinka” were perhaps the two main factors that launched my interest in studying Russian.  Little did I know that I would decide… Read More

Senior Profile: Emily Williams (French and Francophone Studies, ’18)


My years here at William & Mary have been beyond invaluable in how they’ve changed my outlook on life and desire to affect change in the world. Between the IFE Program in Brussels, and Professor Kulick’s very practical and informative TESOL classes, I’ve learned quite a bit on the difficulties of navigating different languages and… Read More

Senior Profile: Emily Cuello (French and Francophone Studies, 18)


I had an incredible experience with the French program. I originally intended to take a few classes for fun, but after taking just one class, I wanted to keep taking classes. I learned how to critically think about literature, art, film and music. Professors in the French department provided me with a deeper understanding of… Read More

Senior Profile: Emily Abbey (Hispanic Studies & Public Policy, ’18)


When I came to college, I originally planned to minor in Hispanic Studies as a casual way to keep up with the Spanish I studied in high school. However, after earning so many credits through the Cádiz summer program in 2015, I decided to pursue the Hispanic Studies major alongside Public Policy, and I am… Read More

Senior Profile: Elizabeth Dannenfelser (Hispanic Studies, ’18)


The Hispanic Studies department gave me the unique opportunity to spend an extended time in Argentina, fostering a passion for music and human rights issues, as well as the connections between the two.  I was able to meet some incredible, motivated people who have a hunger for life, learning, and justice. My hope is to… Read More

Senior Profile: Eleanor Morrison (Hispanic Studies, ’18)


My name is Eleanor Morrison and I am truly indebted to the Hispanic Studies faculty at William and Mary. I began to take Spanish classes in elementary school, but I did not fully develop an interest in the language until college. My courses at William and Mary taught me that the Spanish language is much… Read More

Senior Profile: Diana Weyandt (Hispanic Studies, ’18)


Although saying goodbye to the Hispanic Studies program is bittersweet, I am so grateful and happy to have been a part of it for the past few years! Despite my naive freshman intentions to only take a couple of Spanish-related classes during college, I just couldn’t stay away. The incredible faculty members have pushed me… Read More

Senior Profile: Claire Flynn (Hispanic Studies, ’18)


Coming into college, I knew I wanted to continue taking Spanish to keep up my language skills, but didn’t expect to become a Hispanic Studies major.  This changed from the very first class I enrolled in, a Freshman Seminar with Professor Cate-Arries. I saw that a major in Hispanic Studies would do much more than… Read More

Senior Profile: Becky Ahrens (Hispanic Studies, ’18)


When I started at William & Mary, the only thing I thought I was going to do was study English. But during the spring of my freshman year, I took a Spanish conversation course, and it launched me into the world of Hispanic Studies full-time. My experience in Hispanic Studies is inextricably linked with the… Read More

Senior Profile: Bailey Ellicot (Hispanic Studies, ’18)


I struggle to find the words in either English or Spanish to accurately describe my gratitude and relief that I chose a Hispanic Studies major. I transferred to William & Mary my junior year and was immediately introduced to an entirely different approach to learning Spanish; I was also immersed in social justice, art, history,… Read More

Senior Profile: Annie Oelberg (Hispanic Studies, minor in Marketing, ’18)


When I came to William & Mary as a freshman I had originally planned on minoring in Hispanic Studies. After taking a couple of Hispanic Studies courses that year, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Cádiz, Spain. Guided by Professor Cate-Arries, I had the most amazing experience while abroad, and now regard Cádiz… Read More

Senior Profile: Anna Chahuneau (Chinese Studies and Biology, ’18)


Arriving as a freshman at the College of William and Mary, I decided I wanted to challenge myself. My first idea to do so was to learn a new language, and Chinese felt like the evident answer. The highlight of my time as a Chinese Studies major is, without a doubt, the opportunity I was… Read More

Senior Profile: Alyssa DeRaymond (Hispanic Studies, ’18)


Before coming to William and Mary, Spanish had always been one of my least favorite subjects, and I could not wait to be done with language requirements forever upon graduating from high school. However, I hadn’t taken enough Spanish classes to meet the GER language requirement at W&M, so I chose to “get it over… Read More

Senior profile: Alexandra Wingate (Hispanic Studies, ’18)


I knew as soon as I entered William and Mary that I wanted to major in Hispanic Studies, but I couldn’t have imagined how much the past four years of being a student in the Hispanic Studies department would mean to me. Since my first day at William and Mary, the classes and the professors… Read More

Senior Profile: Alex Bate (Chinese Studies, ’18)


I began studying Chinese in high school, and William & Mary’s program served as a perfect continuation for my study of Chinese language and culture. With the help of W&M faculty, who recommended me to the program, I was able to study abroad in Beijing during Fall 2016 through Middlebury Schools Abroad. Both language and… Read More

Nicole Cook (International Relations and Chinese, ’18) receives Boren Scholarship


Nicole Cook is graduating with a double major in International Relations and Chinese Studies. About her undergraduate experience in the Chinese Studies Program at W&M and herplans for the future, Nicole states: “I feel beyond blessed to have been a part of the Chinese Studies Program all four years! I truly love the challenge of… Read More

Japanese Honor Society Inductees for 2018

honor society

MLL and the Japanese studies program are proud to announce inductees into the Japanese National Honor Society for 2017 – 2018 academic year.  Among this year’s graduating class, three students have met the Society’s demanding criteria: completion of five semesters of Japanese language study (or their equivalent), all taken for a grade (rather than audited or pass-fail); a grade-point… Read More

Natalie Walter (German Studies and Art History, ’18) awarded Fulbright to Berlin


I took German for the first time my freshman year and had the opportunity to study abroad twice. My experience at the University of Potsdam, led by our own German Studies program, showed me both the challenges and the opportunities of language learning. I met some of my best friends, both from William and Mary… Read More

Senior Profile: Anna Shackelford (German Studies and Anthropology, ’18)


My time in the German Studies Program at W&M has contained some of my favorite experiences of my college career, including learning from some of the finest professors and meeting some of the coolest people. As a freshman, I decided to begin taking German courses even though I had already fulfilled my language requirement. Little… Read More

Senior Profile: Will Kelly (German Studies, ’18)


As a major in German Studies at William & Mary, I had the opportunity to spend a year abroad through the exchange program we have with the University of Münster. I would not trade my time in Münster for anything; it brought me friendships with people from around the world, I got to immerse myself… Read More

Michelle Hermes (German Studies and Government, ’18) Defends Honors Thesis and Receives the Austrian Fulbright ETA 2018-2019


Michelle Hermes is graduating as a Government and German Studies double major at the College, and hascompleted an honors thesis in the Government department. Through William & Mary’s German Studies Program, she has worked as a teaching assistant and a grading assistant for the department at the German 101-202 level. Through these experiences, she had the… Read More

Conversation With Film Director Pierfrancesco Diliberto (Pif)


In March 2018 students in Professor Mattavelli’s class Italian Through Film had an exciting opportunity to skype with Pierfrancesco Diliberto (known as Pif), TV host and director of the movie The Mafia Only Kills in the Summer. The students watched the movie, read some articles and prepared a few questions for him. One of the… Read More

Professor Jonathan Arries (Hispanic Studies) Retires after 23 Years of Distinguished Scholarship and Teaching

Jonathan and Silvia

Jonathan Arries has been an inspiration to everyone in MLL and the W&M community. He has been called a “pedagogical frontiersman” and described as “restless, adventurous, unafraid to take risks and enthusiastic about charting new curricular paths.” His energy and vision have, in fact, transformed our community. He is retiring after 23 years of research,… Read More

Stephen Sheehi receives 2018 Plumeri Award


Stephen Sheehi, Sultan Qaboos bin Said Chair of Middle East Studies, Professor of Arabic Studies in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, has received the 2018 Plumeri Award for Faculty Excellence, celebrating exemplary achievements of William & Mary faculty in teaching, research, and service. Prof. Sheehi’s work meets at the intersection of cultural, visual,… Read More

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