Senior Profile: Megan Rouch (Japanese & German Studies ’19)

Rouch crop

As both a Japanese minor and German student and teacher’s assistant, I have witnessed firsthand the usefulness and value of a learning new languages. My knowledge as a linguistics major about both languages and their cultures, as well as language learning, use, and structure in general, has been highly informed by my experiences in these… Read More

Senior Profile: Hayley Snowden (Japanese Studies ’19)

Snowden crop

The highlight of my 4 years at William & Mary was my study abroad at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, which was only possible with the guidance and instruction of the fantastic faculty of the Japanese Studies department. I’ll never forget traveling 5 hours with friends from around the world to see Mount Fuji encircled… Read More

Senior Profile: Sarah Baker (Italian Studies ’19)

Baker crop

I am so thankful to have been part of the Modern Language Department since I began studying Italian my freshman year. Washington hall has been my home away from home and I am so thankful have gotten to know both the staff and the students that also call it theirs. The Department has shaped my… Read More

Senior Profile: Erin Kitchens (Italian Studies ’19)

Kitchens crop

Being a part of the Italian department has been one of my best choices in college. Even though Italian did not come easy to me, the Professor’s have always encouraged and challenged me. I have enjoyed the engaging classes that I have been able to take with the department. Speaking Italian allowed me to study… Read More

Senior Profile: William G. Neely (Hispanic & Arabic Studies ’19)

Neely crop

My involvement with the Hispanic Studies department at William & Mary has been one of the most gratifying and enlightening journeys of my undergraduate career. From courses on grammar and vocabulary to more intensive seminars on the Francoist regime in Spain, the Hispanic Studies discipline has challenged my abilities and exposed me to new perspectives…. Read More

Senior Profile: Sarah Malks (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Malks crop

First, I must thank my family, Mom, Dad, and Jonny, for being my inspirations. Thank you also to Brenna, Zoe, and Amelia for your unconditional friendship and love. To my friends that have already graduated, I look up to you, and rightly so. Finally, a special thanks to Professor Carmen Sanchis-Sinisterra who showed me that… Read More

Senior Profile: Riley Wilson (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Wilson crop

Hispanic Studies has exposed me to a variety of cultures that I have never experienced before. Not only did going through this program strengthen my Spanish, but it gave me a better understanding about how shared language and culture coincide. Thanks to this department, I plan on using my knowledge of Hispanic Studies in the… Read More

Senior Profile: Rachel Snyder (Hispanic Studies ’19)

I went into Hispanic Studies wanting to improve my fluency in Spanish, but instead of just that, my eyes were opened to an entirely new world. Hispanic Studies is more than just learning about the language; it’s about learning the different cultures and experiences that come with it. My professors are awesome, and I have… Read More

Senior Profile: Ola Pozor (Hispanic & Russian Studies ’19)

Pozor crop

Since my very first early morning Russian 101 class and first Hispanic Studies Literature class my freshman year, I have been welcomed to the wonderful, tight-knit family that is the Modern Languages department. I’ve stretched far beyond mere “language and literature” courses, some of my favorites being, “Critiquing the American Dream,” The Politics of Food,”… Read More

Senior Profile: Molly Keck (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Keck crop

I beyond grateful to the Hispanic Studies program and faculty for helping me grow tremendously as both a student and person. In addition to developing my language skills, the program has also inspired new passions for me that have motivated my future plans. After taking a wide variety of coursework, I have developed strong interests… Read More

Senior Profile: Miranda Carpenter (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Carpeter crop

Many people think “oh you’re fluent in Spanish, so how are you feeling challenged in Hispanic Studies?” Let me tell you. Every class I’ve taken has been a new experience. I like to describe this major as a bunch of different topics, but in Spanish. Hispanic Studies provided me with a vast range of knowledge… Read More

Senior Profile: Margaret Gutmann (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Gutmann crop

In Hispanic Studies, I’ve improved my Spanish skills and my ability to think critically. Some of the most meaningful experiences of my college career have been because of Hispanic Studies–studying abroad with the W&M program in La Plata where I got to learn about Human Rights and travel through South America, and a trip to… Read More

Senior Profile: Makena Barron (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Barron crop

I have cherished every moment, every class, and every adventure that I have taken with the Hispanic Studies Department. As a freshman, I could not have fathomed that I would have the opportunity to travel to Cuba to conduct research that would continue throughout my time at the college. As a freshman, I would have… Read More

Senior Profile: Lisette Obando Pardo (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Obando Pardo crop

The Hispanic Studies Department at William and Mary offered me many more opportunities than I could have imagined. Through the program, I was able to study abroad twice in Cádiz and Seville, Spain the summer of 2017 and spring semester 2018 last year. I was not only able to improve my Spanish reading and writing… Read More

Senior Profile: Kathryn Eng (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Eng crop

As a Marketing major with an Accounting concentration, some of the highlights from my experience in the Mason School of Business included getting to know other students in my major through group projects, listening to professors share personal anecdotes and offer whatever personal and professional guidance they could, and attending several fun dinners.  Some of… Read More

Senior Profile: Julia Inglesby (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Inglesby crop

My experience as a Hispanic Studies major has been defined by the people and experiences the department has connected me to. I have loved meeting classmates who share my interest in the culture, history, and language of the Spanish-speaking world and challenging myself to step outside of my comfort zone in classes taught by dynamic… Read More

Senior Profile: John Sims (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Sims crop

Being a Hispanic Studies Major has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and opened my eyes to so many things that I do not think would be possible in any other area of study. Because of my studies in the program, I have had the opportunity to travel to both Argentina and Guatemala. Being… Read More

Senior Profile: Hannah Major (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Major crop

Some of my best experiences at William & Mary have been through the Hispanic Studies department, such as studying abroad in Cádiz and Sevilla, and traveling to the Basque region to do research over spring break. Through my classes, I have learned not just about the language, but about the importance of understanding and appreciating… Read More

Senior Profile: Gisela Fuentes-Amaya (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Fuentes-Amaya crop

I was struggling concentrating, stuck with writer’s block and a blank page in front of me. So, to ease my mind, I grabbed my favorite blanket, my laptop and my notebook and laid it down by a tree behind my dorm. Being careful of the ants around my feet and soaking in the sun that… Read More

Senior Profile: Francesca Peavey (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Peavey crop

Through my time in the Hispanic Studies program, I’ve gained an appreciation for cultural studies, as well as a new lens through which to understand the world we live in. My favorite experience was studying abroad in Cadiz, Spain last summer because I was able to become immersed in the language and culture I’d spent… Read More

Senior Profile: Elyse Ardaiz (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Ardaiz crop

I came into college with the knowledge that my academic passion lay in communication and information accessibility but without a strong sense of direction. The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures has served as a home base for me these past few years, but it also helped me reenvision cross-cultural communication as a valuable tool… Read More

Senior Profile: Elena Gaffney (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Gaffney crop

My experience as a Hispanic Studies major at William and Mary has been incredible, and I am so grateful to have taken the courses and had the professors that I believe make this program so special. I have been able to take courses on topics like Francoism in Spain, Latina filmmakers, Arizona’s Ethnic Studies Ban,… Read More

Senior Profile: Claire Williams (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Williams crop

My time at William and Mary has been invaluable and I truly mean it when I say that I would not trade my liberal arts education for anything. My psychology degree instilled in me the importance of multi-systemic prevention and intervention to combat individual and social issues. My Hispanic Studies major led me to better… Read More

Senior Profile: Claire Hadley (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Hadley crop

I have loved every second of my time with the Hispanic Studies department here at William & Mary. Some things I will always cherish are the passionate professors, dedicated students and challenging course loads that have made me the student I am today. Lunches at Marketplace with Profesora Carmen Sanchis-Sinisterra immediately come to mind when… Read More

Senior Profile: Arianna Afsari (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Afsari crop

One of the most incredible opportunities I pursued through Modern Languages was my year studying abroad in Seville. Although I have many cherished memories from Seville, I also treasure the moments and friendships that I have created with fellow students of Modern Languages and my professors at the College. Through the Hispanic Studies program, I… Read More

Senior Profile: Alexandra Sanchez (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Sanchez crop

I’ve never been one of those people that knew exactly what career path they wanted to follow from an early age. I walked into William and Mary with no particular path but I leave with many possible ones. I was late to the declaring game for my Psychology major and even later when I chose… Read More

Senior Profile: Sebastian Viscuso (German Studies ’19)

Viscuso crop

First, I would like to thank Professor Jennifer Gully for being a great professor, an excellent independent study advisor, and an all-around wonderful human being. I think of her as a close advisor and, dare I say, a friend. Further, I would be remiss not to mention Professor Bruce Campbell, who convinced me to major… Read More

Senior Profile: Rui Yin (German Studies ’19)

I began studying German my freshmen year at this college. Thanks to the excellent professors in German department, I was deeply intrigued by the fascinating world of German literature, and was wholeheartedly committed to major in German and German Studies. What fascinates me the most, of all the excellent experience the German department has to… Read More

Senior Profile: Meredith Radel (German Studies ’19)

Radel crop

The majority of my last four years have been spent in Washington Hall on Old Campus.  I entered William & Mary unsure of how or even if I wanted to continue my German language studies.  As a freshman, I decided to take my first German topics course with Professor Burney and immediately knew that the… Read More

Senior Profile: Lilian Merrill (German Studies ’19)

Merrill crop

I began taking German courses my freshman year simply to maintain language skills acquired in high school, but I quickly found a home within the department. In the summer of 2017, I studied in Potsdam with Professor Burney, completing an independent research project and taking classes at the local university. As a German TA, I… Read More

Senior Profile: Blake Phillips (German Studies ’19)

Phillips crop

Blake has enjoyed every minute of being in the German Studies program at the college. The summer he spent in Potsdam is one of the most eye opening and memorable of his entire life and he will always be grateful not only for the opportunity to live in Germany, but also for the friends he… Read More

Senior Profile: Sarah Lettau (french & Francophone Studies ’19)

Lettau crop

I initially wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue my studies in French at William & Mary, but since taking a French class the spring of my freshman year, I haven’t looked back! From the Montpellier summer program with Professor Fauvel to writing my honors thesis on the Harkis with Professor Leruth, the French program… Read More

Senior Profile: Leah Roemer (French & Francophone Studies ’19)

Roemer crop

I came to W&M thinking, “I’m just going to take a French class for fun, I probably won’t major in it.” My first semester in Professor Compan’s Cross-Cultural Perspectives class made me fall in love with the French Department and find a home here. I decided to take on a French minor. The more French… Read More

Senior Profile: Kerin Daly (French & Francophone Studies ’19)

Daly crop

From my first class to my last class in the French department, the professors have been intelligent, organized, and compassionate. My professors encouraged me to major in French in addition to my Government major, and they have been there to help in any way they could. I have enjoyed the people in the department, whether… Read More

Senior Profile: Kathryn Ault (French & Francophone Studies ’19)

Ault crop

When I came to William & Mary, I knew I wanted to continue my previous studies of French language and culture. I began with a single class in French & Francophone Studies, and before long, I had met so many supportive and encouraging professors and classmates, and expanded the depth and breadth of my learning… Read More

Senior Profile: Katherine Williams (French & Francophone Studies ’19)

Katherine Williams crop

I am so grateful for the past four years studying French at William and Mary. C’était une joie! I will always remember analyzing revolutionary cartoons from Professor Pacini’s French Revolution Class, discussing everything from Amélie to Agnes Varda with Professor Brutsche, and listening to Professor Brehm play jazz in our class on French Bohemia. I loved… Read More

Senior Profile: Emily Knoche (French & Francophone Studies ’19)

Emily Knoche crop

As a double major in French & Francophone Studies and Global Studies, through the Modern Languages and Literatures Department, I have been able to continue my study of French in addition to learning both Italian and Spanish. During my junior year, I had the pleasure of serving as the resident assistant of the French language… Read More

Senior Profile: Anna Hamel (French & Francophone Studies ’19)

Anna Hamel crop

I am proud to be graduating with a degree in French and Francophone Studies. What began as simple appreciation of the language itself has blossomed into so much more. Through this program, I have learned about wide swaths of the world. I have been exposed to the rich history of France, which continues to amaze… Read More

Senior Profile: Alexander Hayes (French & Francophone Studies ’19)

Alex Hayes crop

Through the French Department, I was able to study abroad in Montpellier during my fall semester of 2017. I traveled all around France to Bordeaux, Lille, Paris, and various cities in the South of France. Through the university, I took engaging courses on French private law and sociology. The best part of the experience was… Read More

Senior Profile: Lydia Funk (French & Francophone Studies ’19)

Lydia Funk crop

While I never anticipated pursuing a degree in a foreign language when I arrived at William & Mary, the French Program and the Department of Modern Languages has become my home during my time at the College. I love the richness of the courses offered in Washington Hall, and benefited from both the Italian and… Read More

Senior Profile: Alexandra Cole (French & Francophone Studies ’19)

Alex Cole crop

As an Accounting and French & Francophone Studies double major, French classes have always provided me with an opportunity to engage with culturally stimulating material (and give my brain a break from numbers!). Language and culture study has helped me understand business interactions on a global scale. The highlight of my time with the Modern… Read More

Senior Profile: Arin Atak (French & Francophone Studies ’19)

Erin Atak crop

Over the past four years, Erin has dedicated herself to public service work within the community of WM and the surrounding City. Erin helped co-found the Tribe Attaché, an international relations student run publication, and was involved in several other organizations on campus where she created meaningful friendships. Additionally, Erin has worked with both the… Read More

Senior Profile: Shani Cave (Chinese Studies ’19)

Shani Cave crop

Shani Cave is graduating with a Chinese Studies major and Marketing minor. She studied abroad her sophomore year in Beijing through the W&M-Tsinghua program, which greatly shaped her education and career goals. She is tremendously grateful to her peers and professors, especially Professor Michael Hill, for encouraging and supporting her quest to be a future… Read More

Senior Profile: Rob Sherman (Chinese Studies ’19)

Rob Sherman crop

I owe a lot to my Chinese education. It’s through learning Chinese that I was paid to travel over my sophomore and junior summers, first to Suzhou and then to Taiwan. Chinese fluency is also the reason I am able to get a job in the State Department as a Consular Fellow. But beyond material… Read More

Senior Profile: Natasha Mortensen (Chinese Studies ’19)

Natasha Mortensen crop

My experience being in the Chinese program for these past four years has been very rewarding. Since the Chinese department is one of the smaller ones here at William and Mary, it felt like a tight-knit community where I could get to know all the professors and students more personally. I have taken many language… Read More

Senior Profile: Griffin Vasile (Chinese Studies ’19)

Griffin Vasile crop

Throughout my time at W&M, my Chinese major has completed a metamorphosis from relatively quirky secondary interest to an active and formative part of my life.  It has influenced not only how I have chosen to spend my time these past four years, but also my outlook on the world moving beyond them.  My journey… Read More

Senior Profile: Giselle Jernigan (Chinese Studies major & Japanese Studies minor ’19)

Giselle Jernigan crop

Giselle Jernigan has a major in Chinese and a minor Japanese.  She transferred to W&M her junior year and upon entering the Chinese department, quickly felt the encouragement of the language professors, who work so closely with their students to enhance their language skills, and the fellow culture professors, who invoke the connections between Chinese… Read More

Senior Profile: Eleanor Currie (Chinese Studies ’19)

Eleanor Currie crop

These past four years at William & Mary in the English and Chinese departments were amazing.  I made friends that will last a lifetime, and my language skills improved through my program here.  This summer, I transition from undergrad to Master’s here at William & Mary, as I am participating in the 5-Year Program for… Read More

Senior Profile: Sarah Harmon (Arabic Studies ’19)

During my time at William and Mary, I studied Arabic for three years and my classes in the Arabic department were some of my absolute favorites. My professors, Driss Cherkaoui and Mona Zaki, pushed me to fall deeply in love with the language and I certainly gained a sense of humility and pride during my… Read More

Senior Profile: Sarah Harmon (Arabic Studies ’19)

Sarah Harmon crop

During my time at William and Mary, I studied Arabic for three years and my classes in the Arabic department were some of my absolute favorites. My professors, Driss Cherkaoui and Mona Zaki, pushed me to fall deeply in love with the language and I certainly gained a sense of humility and pride during my… Read More

Senior Profile: Megan Pierce (Arabic Studies ’19)

Megan Pierce crop

I frequently say that studying Arabic has been one of the best decisions I have made at the College. I discovered a passion for the language and the friendships I have formed through Arabic classes and my study abroad program in Morocco completely changed my time at William & Mary. Knowing Arabic has also enriched… Read More

Senior Profile: Hannah Bauman (Arabic Studies ’19)

Hannah Baumancrop

Hannah Grace Bauman is graduating with a major in Government and a minor in Arabic. During college, she completed a research internship at National Defense University, led and mentored cadets in Army ROTC, co-led a research team with the Center for African Development, and launched an International Justice Mission college chapter. In the spring of… Read More

Senior Profile: Rebecca McHale (Russian Studies, ’19)

thumbnail_Becca Moscow

I have really valued my time in the Russian Department at William & Mary. After a great experience studying abroad in Russia in high school, I was so excited for the opportunity to continue studying the language in college. As an International Relations major with a minor in Russian, W&M has afforded me such great… Read More

Senior Profile: Colleen Mulrooney (Chinese Studies, 2019)


Colleen Mulrooney (’19), Major in Chinese Language & Culture I came to the College of William & Mary with one simple hope—well, one among a few others, but the most important one was gaining a deeper understanding of China. I had been learning Chinese since age 13 and felt really ready to just declare a… Read More

Senior Profile: Brenna Cowardin (Hispanic Studies, ’19)


I never imagined to be graduating with a major in Hispanic Studies, but I am so happy that my education at William & Mary led me here. My freshman year, I thought I was going to be an Economics major, but I ended up taking one Spanish class each semester, and by the spring of… Read More

Senior Profile: Alec Sharkey (Chinese Studies, 2019)


My time in the Chinese department here at William & Mary has been one of unforgettable moments and wonderful experiences. Before coming to William and Mary I had spent time in both middle and high school studying Chinese language and culture, but my studies here at William and Mary truly elevated my previous studies to… Read More

Senior Profile: Lauren Bauer (Hispanic Studies, ’19)


I came to William & Mary expecting to minor in Hispanic Studies simply to make sure that I kept at least a basic proficiency in the language I’d spent twelve years trying to learn. Now I’m graduating with a double major in History and Hispanic Studies. My freshman advisor was Prof. Carmen Sanchis-Sinisterra and though… Read More

Senior Profile: Peter Jones (Hispanic Studies, ’19)


My experience as a part of the Hispanic Studies community at William & Mary has inspired me to start working in primary education after graduating this Spring. This upcoming fall, I will be taking part in an intensive teacher-training program called Urban Teachers in Washington D.C. This program is a collaboration program with Johns Hopkins School… Read More

14 Chinese Majors Will Graduate in Spring 2019!

They are: Carleton J. Anderson (CJ) Shani Cave Nicole C. Cook (Nicole) Eleanor K. Currie (Ellie) GyuHui Hwang (GyuHui) Giselle Jernigan (Giselle) Benny Li (Benny) Natasha L. Mortensen (Natasha) Colleen M. Mulrooney (Colleen) Emily J. Pearson-Beck (Emily) Robert A. Rust (Robert) Alec Sharkey (Alec) Robert W. Sherman (Rob) Griffin T. Vasile (Griffin)

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