Happy Bastille Day!

Me at the Pont du Gard

That’s right, when you spend the summer in France, you don’t commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence, but instead you celebrate the storming of a prison! The time we have spent in Montpellier has been great, and there is so much to talk about so I’ll try to cut it down to just… Read More

Bonjour from Montpellier!

Our William and Mary group arrived in Montpellier this week after a “twampy” takeover of Paris.  The city was beautiful and there was always something to do, but I am excited to make it to the South of France where life is much more relaxing, or “tranquile” as the French say! Paris, however, was still… Read More

Preparing for France!

This semester, my favorite question to be asked was what my summer plans are because I knew I had such a great answer: spending 5 weeks in France!  I’ve been talking about these plans for months, but now that I’m finally preparing for my trip it is all starting to become real. The guidebooks are… Read More

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