Russian Studies: The Search for Soviet Jazz

Soviet Jazz 1

The Search for Soviet Jazz  Kary Stevick (International Relations, ’20) link to film This past summer I had the amazing opportunity to not only visit and study in St. Petersburg, Russia for six weeks as part of the Reves Center’s study abroad summer program, but also conduct research regarding one of my favorite things—jazz. Initially,… Read More

Russian Studies: Environmentalism in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg 1

Environmentalism in St. Petersburg Melanie Carter (Interdisciplinary Studies, ’19) link to film This past summer I spent six weeks in St. Petersburg, Russia as part of the Reves Center’s study abroad program.  Beyond the typical language immersion, classroom experience, homestay accommodation, and cultural excursions, we conducted a research project in collaboration with Russian students from… Read More

Russian Studies: The Politics of Soviet Cuisine

Soviet Cuisine 1

The Politics of Soviet Cuisine Arianna Afsari (Russian and Hispanic Studies, ’19) link to film Gastronomy is one of the most significant qualities that defines culture, for it possesses the power to narrate the history, and even the politics, of those who eat it. Given that nutrition is such an ordinary part of quotidian life,… Read More

Japanese Studies: On the Trading Floor in Tokyo

Trading Floor

On the Trading Floor in Tokyo Xinyi Wang (Finance and Applied Math, ’18)) One of our students, Ms. Xinyi Wang, experienced an in-depth 10-week internship program at Morgan Stanley’s Institutional Equity Division in Tokyo this summer. She received the internship opportunity from Boston Career Forum, which provides an annual opportunity in Boston every November for… Read More

Japanese Studies: Once Upon a Time in Japan

Akita 1

Once Upon a Time in Japan Yunjie Zhang (International Relations and Global Studies ’20)   Yunjie Zhang is a very active participant in the Japanese Culture Association and in the Japanese Language House, where he resides on the William and Mary Campus. He has been taking several high level Japanese language courses, ranging from the… Read More

Japanese Studies: Teaching the Art of Ikebana at W&M

Kado 1

Teaching the Art of Ikebana at W&M  Kado (華道) Demonstration Impressed Attendees with “…the Beauty of Simplicity.” On Wednesday, November 29th, from 5 to 6 pm in the Japanese house, Kado Instructor, Ryoko Vogel from Okinawa, Japan presented a hands-on exploration of what she has been teaching for 6 years─ the intricacies of Ikebana. Ikebana… Read More

Italian Studies: Contextualizing Family History

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Contextualizing Family History Jacopo Gliozzi (Physics and Mathematics, ’19)   Fascism is a word that we hear a lot in today’s climate. Especially on a politically conscious campus like William and Mary, the label of Fascist is applied often enough that it’s hard to keep track of what the word means exactly. That’s why, when… Read More

Italian Studies: Summer Internship in Pavia


Summer Internship in Pavia Tyler Mlakar (International Relations,’19)   Perhaps one of the most stressful tasks that students face during their time at the College of William and Mary is the search for summer internships. Summer internships are of major importance for both graduate school applications and post-graduation job opportunities.  Students are always trying to… Read More

French and Francophone Studies/Hispanic Studies: Experiences in Granada


Experiences in Granada, Spain Julie Luecke (French and Francophone Studies, ’20)   In 2014, I spent three days in Granada, Spain, with a family I had known growing up. I distinctly remember walking around the fountain at los Reyes Católicos, the main square in Granada, with braids in my hair but not a single Spanish… Read More

Hispanic Studies: Hispanic Studies Students Meet Pulitzer Grantee Journalist

Malia Politzer 840x410

Hispanic Studies Students Meet Pulitzer Center Grantee Journalist –This collaborative article was authored by the Hispanic Studies 208 students in Cate-Arries’ class.     As part of a class unit on investigative journalism, immigration, and refugees in the Spanish-speaking world, students in Professor Cate-Arries Fall 2017 Hispanic Studies 208 course met with the award-winning freelance… Read More

Arabic Studies: Threads of Identity

Threads of Identity Emma Russell (Government and Global Studies, ’19) I spent the summer 2017 studying Arabic at the Qasid Institute in Amman, Jordan and volunteered 20 hours a week as a research assistant at “Tiraz Widad Kawar; Home for Arab Dress”. Widad Kawar, the owner of the museum collection, began preserving dresses when she… Read More

Chinese Studies: Experiencing China

Experiencing China Sophia Wischnewski (Chinese Studies, ’20)   The Journey Begins My experience traveling along the journey piqued my curiosity about the new world I was soon to encounter. From the time I was enrolled in a Chinese immersion program at 10 years old, I could only dream of visiting one of the world’s most… Read More

German Studies: Working with Refugees in Vienna


Working with Refugees in Vienna Kathryn Eckler (Religious Studies, Minor in Biology, ’19)     The past year has been a profound international adventure. In February, I was presented with the opportunity of serving as an intern with an international Baptist Church in Vienna, Austria. Projekt: Gemeinde is a Baptist Church that serves Middle-Eastern Refugees,… Read More

German Studies: Working on a Sustainable Farm in Swabia


Working on a Sustainable Farm in Swabia Sebastian Viscuso (German Studies and International Relations ’19) In planning my study abroad, I wanted to have as many new experiences with the German language as possible. Since my study abroad ended after only 6 weeks, I decided to investigate other options for either studying or working while… Read More

French and Francophone Studies: Editing a Criminal Law and Policy Journal in D.C.

Zarine Kharazian

Editing a Criminal Law and Policy Journal in D.C. Zarine Kharazian (Government and French and Francophone Studies, ’17)   Zarine Kharazian currently works as a legal assistant at the Washington, DC law firm of Berliner, Corcoran, and Rowe. Part of her job is to serve as assistant editor of International Enforcement Law Reporter, a monthly… Read More

New Book: Michael Leruth, French and Francophone Studies


In this video, Prof. Michael Leruth talks to us about his latest book Fred Forest’s Utopia: Media Art and Activism published, this year by MIT Press. As mentioned on the MIT Press webpage, Prof. Leruth “shows that Forest chooses alternative platforms (newspapers, mock commercial ventures, video-based interactive social interventions, media hacks and hybrids, and, more recently, the… Read More

New Faculty Profile: Brett Brehm, French and Francophone Studies

Brett fall %2717 website photo

Welcome to our new Faculty member, Brett Brehm, Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies with a specialization in 19th Century French Studies. His current research focuses on the history of color photography and its connections with literature and the visual arts. Brett is also  working on a book project, “Kaleidophonic Modernity: Sound, City and Technology.” For… Read More

New Faculty Profile: Michael Hill, Chinese Studies

michael hill

New Faculty Profile: Michael Hill, Chinese Studies Nicole Cook (International Relations and Chinese, 18’)   Welcome to William and Mary! Now that you’ve been in Williamsburg for a few months, how has your time been so far? I’ve been having a great time! I have two really excellent classes this semester, a senior seminar and… Read More

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