Chinese Majors’ Projects 2015-16

In fall 2015, seniors majoring in Chinese took Professor Calvin Hui’s course CHIN 428 Advanced Seminar in Chinese (Fake Globalization, Counterfeit China). By the end of the course, they did research and produced a paper relating to the course’s major concerns. See below selected projects from the seminar.

W&M Team Took the Stage of 2015 Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest at GWU

team photo

Good news! On November 1, W&M students won first place in the 2015 Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest at the George Washington University. Three students of Chinese language, Colleen Mulrooney, Caroline Lebegue and Alexandra Bate, entered the final round of the contest. In the end, Colleen won a Gold Award, one of the two grand… Read More

Chinese Program hosted Open House

Chinese Program Open House flyer_2014

Chinese Studies Program hosted its annual Open House event on October 3rd, 2014 in Washington Hall 315.

WM Celebrates Chinese New Year

WM 2013 Chinese New Year

In the run-up to Chinese New Year, producers and reporters from Chinese Central Television came to William and Mary to report on New Year’s festivities celebrated by WM students. The students displayed their impressive language skills, practiced calligraphy, wore traditional Chinese outfits, and even sang in Chinese! The reports were aired on the news program “Morning News” (Zhaowen tianxia) on CCTV… Read More

Chinese Program 2012 Alumni Feature

Kate McGinnis

by Emily Wilcox   The W&M 2012 graduating class boasted a stellar group of seniors in the Chinese Program. Three students received High Honors for senior honors thesis projects advised by Chinese Program faculty, and more than eighty-five percent studied abroad in China at least once as part of their undergraduate experience. Students double-majored in… Read More

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