The Virtual Library of Freedom


A new project at William & Mary is the Virtual Library of Freedom, a group started by William & Mary alumna Hannah Thornton ’10. Melissa Woods, a student at William & Mary, writes: The Virtual Library of Freedom (VLF) is a student organization founded in 2010 that aims to promote cross-cultural discussion online between American… Read More

The Arab Spring at William & Mary


The Arab world has witnessed a series of political upheavals this past year which would have been difficult to imagine in past years. The events have affected the faculty and students of the Arabic section in many different ways. Several students found themselves in Egypt or Syria as the revolutions were getting underway, and had… Read More

The Arab world revolutions and uprising: from the personal to the political


Roundtable discussion The Arab world revolutions and uprising: from the personal to the politicalrevolutions in arab world rountable discussion The revolutions, uprisings, and rebellions which have convulsed the Arab world have transfixed the world. Please join us for a discussion of these events from the perspective of citizens from countries which have witnessed or are… Read More

Prof. Roger Allen on “Literary History and Generic Change”


Lecture in Arabic: Prof. Roger Allen University of Pennsylvania “Literary History and Generic Change” Monday, March 14, 3:30 pm Washington 201 The Arabic section will be hosting a major figure in the field of modern Arabic literature on Monday, March 14 in the person of Prof. Roger Allen of the University of Pennsylvania. He is… Read More

Tunisian Revolution Forum


February 11, 2011 6:00pm Open Forum and Discussion on Tunisian Revolution led by Chadia Mansour Blow Hall 334

Arabic Textbook Project


Ahlan ya gamaa`! (Hello gang!) We are making progress on our Arabic textbook series. We have completed and tested 4 chapters of volume one, and are working and testing the next 4 chapters this semester. It has been bumpy at times, but we are confident that in the end the project will be a significant… Read More

Beyond the Standard: Department of Education funds texts stressing dialects in Arabic


By Jim Ducibella | May 10, 2010 In a Washington Hall office the size of an average walk-in closet, the future of the Arabic language is being designed. Not the language itself, but the manner in which the language will be taught for years to come. Close friends John Eisele and Driss Cherkaoui, both associate professors… Read More

Ed Dept. Grant Awarded


John Eisele and Driss Cherkaoui have been awarded an International Reseach and Studies (IRS) instructional materials grant from the Dept. of Education. The grant, totaling $728,000 over three years, will be used to develop a textbook series for Arabic language, both the literary language as well as four main dialects of Arabic. The project, entitled… Read More

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