Build me up Buttercup Baby


Last Friday Jake and I were introduced to the Latin party scene when we attended a Fiesta Latina at the Venezuelan ambassador’s residency. When we first arrived we felt out of place as the only two Gringos amidst a sea of Hispanic embassy workers sporting nametags from an assortment of Spanish speaking countries. Jake and… Read More

Butterflies, Floods and Spain

mud kids

In high school, my history teachers loved to do these exercises called “Links”. They would write three terms related to what we had studied that could range from and artists’ name, a movement, an event, or even a specific date! Our task as students was to think of how these events were connected and defend… Read More


  Although some of you may think that we are referring to the Dispatch song of the same name, we are actually talking about what it is like to work in what can only be described as the most active and intriguing offices this side of the Atlantic: The Office of Cultural Affairs at the… Read More

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