Playa Victoria!

Our group in Granada!

This weekend is our very last one in Cadiz. Two nights ago, we had the wonderful opportunity to witness a real Flamenco performance and feast on tapas! And, to make sure that we could take advantage of this weekend to the fullest extent, my roommate and I set some time aside to make sure to… Read More

Granada! Oh my!

Sitting on the steps in the Barrio del Populo.

This weekend we took our second weekend trip and in doing so we got a chance to visit the beautiful Granada, only four hours away (by bus!) from the University of Cadiz campus. It seems we were able to cram a lot of sightseeing into a brief day and a half. First, we were able… Read More

First few weeks in Cádiz are amazing!

This is our lovely group! :)

I feel as though my first few weeks in Cádiz have just flown by! I’m going to be a senior at William & Mary next year, and it seems I have made the best possible decision for me in deciding to study abroad here for five weeks this summer! There are several reasons I have… Read More

Eleonora Figliuoli Wins Juan Espadas Award

(left to right):  Barbara Tennebaum (Library of Congress), Edith Couturier (National Endowment for the Humanities), Sofía Herrera, Eleonora Figliuoli, Professor Regina Root

We were on our way to Pittsburgh. When we passed gallant windmills similar to those described in Cervantes’ Quijote, I feared we might be lost. But, it wasn’t until we read the sign that said “Welcome to Ohio,” that I became certain we were indeed lost. That’s always been a staple in my life: getting… Read More

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