2010-2011 Awards & Scholarships

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures is proud to announce the 2010-2011 graduating student awards and scholarships:

Dr. J. Richard Guthrie Scholarship in German Studies

  • Anna S. Kim
  • Judson R. Peverall
  • Kai I. Simenson
  • Elaine M. Vega

Elsa S. Diduk Scholarship in German Studies

  • Judson R. Peverall

Dobro Slovo Scholarship in Russian Studies

  • William Sinnott

Finn Prize for Excellence in Chinese Language Studies

  • Benjamin J. Gullickson

Finn Prize for Excellent Leadership in Chinese Studies

  • Anushya Ramaswamy

Howard M. Fraser Award in Hispanic Studies

  • K. Anne Foster

J. Banner Worth Award in Hispanic Studies for 2010-2011

  • Brittany L. Fulton (2010)

McCormack-Reboussin Scholarship in French & Francophone Studies

  • Phillippe L. B. Halbert- 2010-11
  • Bridget Marie Carr 2011-12

Pierre Oustinoff Memorial Prize in French & Francophone Studies

  • Ingrid L. Heiberg

R. Merritt Cox Fellowship in Hispanic Studies

  • Casey A. Lesser

St. Onge Prize in French & Francophone Studies

  • Michael A. Smith

Phi Beta Kappa

  • Eve P. Grice (French)
  • Ingrid L. Heiberg (French)
  • Ashley M. Hoover (French)
  • Edward Innace (Chinese)
  • Michael A. Smith (French)
  • Brittany Lynn Fulton
  • Emil Ann Vanderhoff

Highest Honors

  • Eve Grice (French & Francophone Studies)
  • Casey Lesser (Hispanic Studies)
  • Michael Ambrose Crawford Smith (French & Francophone Studies)

High Honors

  • Philippe Halbert (French & Francophone Studies)
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