Spring 2021 – Graduation Issue

elcome to the Spring 2021 Issue of Global Voices, William & Mary’s Modern Languages & Literatures newsletter. While this past academic year has been like no other, we can now look forward to returning to “normal” in the fall. Graduation ceremonies with the conferral of degrees were held in a slighlty modified format but in person this spring; departmental celebrations of our majors and minors took place in the by now very familiar Zoom space on Friday, May 21. Nothing can replace the excitement of meeting our graduates and their families in person on campus; however, we again marvelled at the opportunities offered by a remote event which so many more friends and relatives could attend than would ever come to campus. Vgraduates2021isit our presentation of the MLL Class of 2021, and read up on our graduates’ profiles by clicking on the photographs!

Classes this spring were held in a mix of in-person and remote modes; most of our co-curricular events remained in Zoom for logistical reasons. Below we present you with news on guest lectures, workshop series, our annual Undergraduate Research Showcases, and special achievements by our students. We welcomed Prof. Emily Wilcox (Chinese Studies), congratulated Prof. Elena Prokhorova (Russian Studies) on her promotion, and celebrated the awards won by MLL faculty and students. Click on the story links below to discover anew the diversity that characterizes the Modern Languages and Literatures Department!




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Spring 2021 Stories:

  • おめでとう!J Studies Major Second Cohort
  • The Year in Russian Studies!
  • Live from Morocco!
  • MLL Successfully Prepares Students for Fulbright Scholarships!
  • Collaborative Translations and Epochal Transformations, East and West
  • Decolonizing the Humanities Project
  • MLL Research Showcase II: Honors Theses
  • Sharon Philpott receives the W&M Alumni Medallion
  • Diversity Recognition Awards for Professors Ellis and Hui!
  • Research Labs in MLL? Yes!
  • W&M Students continue work on declassification of U.S. and Argentinian government documents; New publication by U.S. government
  • Caro Beppe… A Conversation with Beppe Severgnini
  • A Conversation with Susan Neiman
  • Qian Su elected president of the Chinese Language Teachers Association of Virginia
  • Mackenzie Krol (’21) Publishes on her Experience with W&M Study Away with Professors Konefal and Tandeciarz
  • Professor Root & student mount installations at Muscarelle
  • Spring 2021 Features:

  • Congratulations to our RPSS Graduates!
  • Japanese Studies Book Prize 2021
  • Chinese Studies Professor and Alumni Become 2021 Wilson China Fellows
  • Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
  • Honoring our Graduates who Minored in French & Francophone Studies
  • Awards and Honors ’21
  • que de beaux souvenirs!
  • Félicitations, Class of 2021!
  • Hispanic Studies Students Continue Work with International Universities and Co-publish their Work
  • MLL Outstanding Achievement Award in Hispanic Studies awarded to Beau Nardo and Max Minogue
  • Caroline Brown and Cristina Sherer receive the Howard M. Fraser Award for Research contributions
  • MacKenzie Krol and Julia Tripodi are awarded Merritt-Cox Award for Outstanding Achievement in Hispanic Studies
  • Well-Deserved Honors
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