Monsters, medical oddities and changing mindsets – Attending the “Odd Bodies” conference

Image INCS conf

The timing couldn’t have been better: as she was finishing the syllabus of her French literature course, “Circus Freaks and Bad Mothers,” centering on depictions of monsters in the 19th-century, Visiting Assistant Professor Julie Hugonny received a call for papers for the 2017 Institute of Nineteenth-Century Studies conference titled Odd bodies. “When I saw the… Read More

Lydia Hurtado ’17 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

Majoring in Hispanic Studies has changed the way I engage the world around me. It has shown me how to seek and advocate for the humanity of others, how to use the pen as a sword and words as light. In learning of so many of the tragedies of humankind, I have seen its sorrow,… Read More

Maya Loehr ’17 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

When I came to W&M I knew I wanted to continue taking Spanish classes, but I had no idea that would lead to becoming a Hispanic Studies major! Spending a semester in Sevilla opened my eyes to new and exciting experiences, like living with my wonderful host family, and exploring Spain. Because of my time… Read More

Nathan Setka ’17 Senior Profile: German Studies

My time with the German department at William & Mary has been a focal point of my college experience. Coming from a military family, I spent my high school years actually living in Germany. The W&M program allowed me to continue learning the language, immerse myself in the culture, and gave me opportunities to go… Read More

Rhea Menon ’17 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies

My introduction to the Chinese Language and Literature department was an extraordinary bit of serendipity. The Chinese department is one of the best communities at W&M and gave me the opportunity of a life-time to study abroad for a semester in Beijing. Apart from the language, the emphasis on the culture and history influenced me… Read More

Shihao Du ’17 Senior Profile: German Studies

My name is Shihao Du, a German Studies and linguistics double major. To be honest, four years ago, when I just embarked on my journey at W&M, German Studies was not one of the subjects, that I was considering to major in. Back then the only experience I had with Germany and the German language… Read More

Paul Naanou ’17 Senior Profile: French & Francophone Studies

MDLL is more than a university department, it is a family. My professors and my classmates are among the coolest people I know and it has been a privilege to know them. As a math major, it was really important for me to maintain my connection with the humanities and my French major gave that… Read More

Neal Courter ’17 Senior Profile French & Francophone Studies

Through the MDLL department, I’ve had the opportunity to take both French and German classes from inspiring, engaging, and genuinely kind professors. I’ve been not only a student, but also a tutor, TA, and grader, allowing me to share my knowledge and passion for foreign languages with other talented students, many of whom I can… Read More

Morgan Sehdev ’17 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

Morgan Sehdev

Majoring in Hispanic Studies has been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made –whether it was a newfound perspective, research interest, worldview, mentor, or friend the major always added its own spark to my time at William & Mary. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to conduct independent research on literacy… Read More

Makayla Brooke Donigan ’17 Senior Profile: German Studies

Stumbling into my German major has been one of the best decisions of my college career. After a wonderful summer spent in Potsdam, Germany I knew that German Studies was an important part of my path. Combined with my major in Government, the German department has given me opportunities to pursue my interest in Europe… Read More

Honor Leahy ’17 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies

Honor Leahy

My name is Honor Leahy, and I am from Nashville, TN. I am graduating with a double major in Chinese Language and Literature and Marketing. I am so thankful to have been a student of the incredible, encouraging, and supportive Chinese program. During my time at The College, I have held various leadership positions in… Read More

Mauricio Armaza ’17 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies

Mauricio Armaza

My desire to learn Chinese, and to ultimately major in it, stemmed from my love of languages. My native language is Spanish and I studied French throughout middle school and high school. After taking my first Chinese class my Sophomore year, the differences between Chinese and other languages fascinated me. From the tonal component to… Read More

Catherine Smiley ’17 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies

Catherine Smiley

I am so proud to be graduating from William & Mary with a degree in Chinese! I remember the first time I saw Chinese writing I was incredibly intrigued by the beautiful characters. As I grew older, I developed a dream to become proficient in another language and decided that I wanted to pursue learning… Read More

Abe Kruger ’17 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies

  My Chinese studies began with a study abroad trip to Beijing in the summer of 2012 and I have enjoyed studying Chinese ever since. Now, five years later, the Chinese program plays a major role in my life at William & Mary. As my Chinese skills have grown, so has my involvement with Chinese… Read More

Forget Me (Not)? : Zarine Kharazian’s research in Paris

google ps1

News about our McCormack Reboussin scholar in France William & Mary student Zarine Kharazian ’17 shares news about her research on “the right to be forgotten” and differing views between the U.S. and France when it comes to preserving (or deleting) one’s digital past. Zarine is a double-major in French and Francophone Studies and Government. Read… Read More

My Year in Italy – Clara Kobler


There has never been a time in my life when I don’t remember my mother telling me stories of her junior year abroad in Montpellier, France. From describing her breakfasts to the amazing springtime trips with her friends, my mother filled my imagination with her memories and emotions from her life years before. It’s not… Read More

Congratulations German Studies Graduates of 2015!

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2015! From the left, Lisa Laird (German Studies and European Studies), Mike Crumplar, Helene Melke, and Tyler Bembenek (German Studies and IR).

German House Tutor Kim Mutmann

  German House Tutor Kim Mutmann joins the German Studies Program this year from the Wilhelms-Westfaelische Universitaet Muenster, where she received her M.A. in “National and Transnational Studies: Literature, Culture, and Language,” with a focus on Post-Colonial Culture and Politics. She completed her master’s thesis on South African Poetry: “Xenophobia under the Rainbow – Migrants… Read More

Dr. Veronika Jeltsch joins the German Studies Faculty

Veronika Jeltsch

  The German Studies Program welcomes Dr. Veronika Jeltsch to the program this year. Veronika received her M.A. from the Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg and her Ph.D. from Rutgers University with a dissertation on “Silence, Speechlessness, and Body Language in Fontane’s Effi Briest, Schnitzler’s Fräulein Else and Wedekind’s Lulu.” Her primary research interest is Fin-de-Siecle literature in Germany and Austria, specifically representations… Read More

Elizabeth A. Laird

Lisa Laird

The German Studies program each year awards the German Book Prize to that student who best exemplifies the rigor, passion, and sustained engagement with the discipline during her four years at Willam and Mary. Our winner this year not only took Rob Leventhal’s German 310 Advanced Grammar and Stylistics course her very first semester at… Read More

Japanese Studies Book Prize Awarded

Prof. DiNitto, Luis Madrid

The 2015 MLL Book Prize in Japanese has been awarded to Luis Madrid. The prize is given each year to a student who has shown overall excellence in Japanese studies.  A graduating senior, Luis has demonstrated a remarkable facility for learning languages during his time at the College, studying French in addition to Japanese. After graduating, Luis… Read More

Kinyo Award Winners Announced

Kinyo winners 2015

The Japanese Section is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Kinyo Awards for Excellence in Japanese language study.  We are grateful to Mr. Kazuo Nakamura of Kinyo Virginia, Inc., through whose generous support the Kinyo Prize has been established and maintained.  The prize recognizes the hard work and achievement of the top student… Read More

Public Talk: An Army for the People

Dr. Tomoyuki Sasaki, History, Eastern Michigan University

Dr. Tomoyuki Sasaki, History, Eastern Michigan University Japan’s postwar constitution renounces war as a sovereign right and stipulates that land, sea, and air forces will never be maintained, yet the country today possesses a large and powerful military. Join us as Dr. Tomoyuki Sasaki, of Eastern Michigan University, traces the development of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces… Read More

Sophia Kosar ’14 Senior Profile: Russian Studies


Всем привет! My name is Sophie, and I realized I wanted to be an RPSS major before I was even halfway through Russian 101 during my freshman year. It all started with the language, since I grew up wanting to speak Russian like my Babushka and other friends and relatives from home, but as soon… Read More

Dan Otto ’14 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies


” I did not come to William and Mary intending to study Chinese, but, due to the applicability of China’s growth to my other major, economics, I decided I would try taking a few classes to see how I liked them. I have never looked back. Studying Chinese has been one of the most challenging,… Read More

Congratulations to Elisabeth Bloxam for winning the McCormarck-Reboussin scholarship

Congratulations to Elisabeth Bloxam for winning the 2014 McCormack-Reboussin scholarship in French & Francophone Studies! Starting this summer, Elisabeth will be able to travel and do research for an honors thesis entitled “Le Mythe et la Mémoire : Les séquelles de la deuxième guerre mondiale en France à travers ses monuments nationaux.”

Three Fulbright ETAs in German Studies for 2013-2014

German Studies students have once again received a record number of Fulbright ETAs for the academic year 2013-2014. Emma Paynter and Judd Peverall have both received Fulbrights to Germany, and Brandon De Graaf has received an Austrian Fulbright ETA. Brandon will be at the Bundesgymnasium Tanzenberg in Maria Saal in Kärnten. Congratulations all!

Andrew Andell and Matthew Levey win RPSS Excellence Awards.

Matt and Andrew

The RPSS Executive Committee is happy to announce that the RPSS Excellence Awards for the year 2013 will go to Andrew Andell and Matthew Levey. The RPSS Excellence Award seeks to provide recognition for the best Russian Studies senior majors and minors who made a major contribution to the Russian Studies program in the areas of research,… Read More

German Studies: Lauren Shaw (’09) accepted to UCL


Next fall Lauren Shaw (German Studies, ’09) will be starting a master’s program in global migration at University College London. The program looks at the social, economic and political causes and implications of human migration, while seeking to better understand the lived experiences of local and international migrant communities. Courses are drawn from a number… Read More

Sample, Emily (Class of 2011)

Emily is moving to London to attend Kingston University’s Master’s program in Human Rights and Genocide Studies (update: 2012).

‘Gojira,’ Not ‘Godzilla’


On Saturday evening, we will screen the classic Japanese film Gojira (dir. Honda Ishirō, 1954), better known to Americans in the very different version released here as Godzilla. The screening will include introductory remarks placing the film within the context of Japan’s nuclear history. The screening will be followed on Sunday by a student conference… Read More

Rachel Faith receives the 2012 Dobro Slovo Scholarship

Yurika and I

The selection committee has awarded the 2012 Dobro Slovo Scholarship to Rachel Faith.   The Dobro Slovo Scholarship was established in 2005. The Scholarship is funded by the donations of Russian alumni and faculty and is intended for students studying on the W&M Summer Study Abroad Program in St. Petersburg.

Film Series: “Another Sky”

Another sky

Directed by Dmitry Mamulya (Russia 2010), “Another Sky” will be screened Thursday, Feb 23, at 5:30 in Washington 302.  It will be introduced by Sophie Kosar.

Mari-Kathryn has been accepted into a prestigious internship program (October 2011).


The Russian Section of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures is pleased to announce that Mari-Kathryn Gavin (RPSS, ’12) has been accepted into a prestigious Translate Abroad Internship Program (School of Russian and Asian Studies, SRAS). Congratulations, MK!   SRAS: Translation Abroad is a practical academic program offering intensive Russian lessons and professional, hands-on translation experience. Despite advances in electronic translation technology, there is… Read More

Hispanic Studies helps organize “Encuentro Latino”


Saturday October 8th the Admission’s Office, in coordination with Professor Jonathan Arries and several other faculty members from Hispanic Studies and Latin American Studies, organized the first ever, Encuentro Latino. A faculty initiated event, Encuentro Latino was a highly successful effort to reach out to Latino families in the NOVA/ D.C. area and introduce them… Read More

Berman, Michael (’05)

Michael Berman ’05 is in the master’s program of social sciences at the University of Chicago. (2007)

Palesko, Amy (’06)

Amy Palesko ’06 was William & Mary’s first Fulbright to Japan. She studied at the University of Osaka and is currently residing and working in Japan as a design engineer at Nokia. (2008)

Marsden, Nancy (’08)

Nancy Marsden ’08 is a graduate student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa studying ethnomusicology. She’s combining her East Asian Studies and Music majors from W&M into the area of Japanese music. She hopes to focus on popular music in Japan. (2009)

Davy, Jenny (’08)

Jenny Davy ’08 did a year of study abroad in Tokyo at Keio University. She went on to a two-year course of study at the Cooperstown Graduate Program doing a Master of Arts degree in History Museum Studies. (2008)

Oreska, Julian (’09)

Julian Oreska ’09 works as a product developer for the toy company Bandai at their headquarters in Asakusa, Japan. Julian was a double Business and East Asian Studies major who also completed the Canon Corporation internship in summer 2009. (2010)

Locke, Megan (’10)

Megan Locke ’10 is on the JET program teaching English in Japan. (2010)

Scott, Loretta (’10)

Loretta Scott ’10 is currently working in NYC in marketing/business development. She started a Youtube series called “The Difficulties of Japanese” in 2007, and was eventually contacted by YesJapan Corporation, which provides real-world and online courses for Japanese langauge learning. She’s now contracted as a video producer, and creates youtube-style education videos for their website ! (2011)

Revere, Nathan (’10)

Nathan Revere ’10 is doing graduate work at University of Wisconsin-Madison in their Anthropology Ph.D. program, focusing on language and culture in Japan. (2011)

Luebke, Peter (’05)

Peter Luebke ’05 is currently a student in the graduate program on Southern History in the American History Ph.D. program at University of Virginia. He has an article, “Maruo Suehiro’s ‘Planet of the Jap’: Revanchist Fantasy or War Critique?”  that he co-authored with Professor Rachel DiNitto, forthcoming in the Australian journal Japanese Studies. (2011) 

Kennedy, Pam (’10)

Pam Kennedy ’10 is working in bank examination with the Federal Reserve Bank out in Los Angeles. Her examination team will work with many Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese banks. (2011)

Crandol, Mike (’07)

Mike Crandol ’07 is currently in University of Minnesota’s Ph.D. program in Asian Literatures, Cultures, and Media, and attended Stanford University’s InterUniversity Center Japanese language program in Yokohama Japan 2009-2010. Mike is working on Nakagawa Nobuo, a horror-movie director from the 1950s and 60s who influenced the J-Horror boom. He has also written reviews of Asian… Read More

Klaasse, Lauren (’11)

Lauren Klaasse ’11 is starting a graduate program in Public Policy at George Mason University. (2011)

Informational meeting for W & M study abroad programs, Friday, 4-5, Washington 201

Please join Hispanic Studies faculty and program alumni for an informational meeting on the semester programs in La Plata, Argentina and Seville, Spain as well as the summer program in Cadiz, Spain. We will be meeting this Friday, Sept. 23, from 4-5 in Washington 201.    Hope to see you there.

“It’s a couplet, dawg!”

Segovia, Espana

May 21, 2011 Today we traveled to Segovia, a precious, magical town with cathedrals and castles from the 16th and 17th centuries. The Cathedral of San Martin was breathtaking, with gothic architecture, gold covered ceilings and walls, and mosaic windows. Next we walked to the Alcazar (castle) de Segovia. It was magnificent, although it’s got… Read More

Introducing Myself, CLS and Ufa

Hi Everyone! I’m Jacob Lassin and I’m a rising senior at The College majoring in Government and Russian and Post-Soviet Studies. This summer I have been fortunate enough to receive Critical Language Scholarship to study in Ufa, Russia. The Critical Language Scholarship is a program run by the State Department which provides fully funded intensive… Read More


  Although some of you may think that we are referring to the Dispatch song of the same name, we are actually talking about what it is like to work in what can only be described as the most active and intriguing offices this side of the Atlantic: The Office of Cultural Affairs at the… Read More

Claire Dranginis Book Prize Winner!


The 2011 Modern Languages Book Prize in Japanese has been awarded Claire Dranginis, a senior majoring in East Asian Studies and minoring in Management and Organizational Leadership. Claire has studied Japanese through the fourth-year advanced level, and has taken many classes in Japanese studies, including Japanese Cinema and Gross National Cool. Her interest in the… Read More

Busy Spring for Japan Studies

Obayashi Chigumi, Michael Cronin, Obayashi Nobuhiko

A steady stream of eminent visitors and special events greatly enriched Japanese studies at William and Mary this Spring. To recap: In late January, as part of W&M’s Global Film Festival, the leading authority on anime, Professor Susan Napier of Tufts University, visited campus to speak on trauma and fantasy in the work of Japan’s master… Read More

Monika Bernotas receives Charles Center Scholarship for International Research (April 2011)

Monika Bernotas has been awarded the Charles Center Scholarship for International Research for her summer 2011 research project. This much sought after scholarship will help Monika to study experimental art communities in Lithuania and Russia.

Monica LoBue (German Studies and Biology, ’11) awarded Fulbright


Graduating senior and Phi Beta Kappa initiate Monica LoBue (German Studies and Biology, ’11) has been awarded the Fulbright Teaching Assistantship to Germany for the academic year 2011–2012. This much sought after Fulbright provides Monica with round-trip airfare to Germany and a substantial monthly stipend to work with students learning English and American Studies at… Read More

THE INNER CIRCLE. The Second Screening of theFilm Series: Russian History on Reels.

The Inner Circle (1991, dir. Andrei Konchalovsky) Full Description The second film in our mini-series on Monday April 4, 7 pm (Washington 302). The Inner Circle (1991, dir. Andrei Konchalovsky), starring the multi-talented Tom Hulce and Lolita Davidovich, is based on Ivan Sanchin, a KGB officer who is Stalin’s private film projectionist during the war… Read More

"Trouble in Paradise"

Professor Valerie Smith, Woodrow Wilson Professor of Literature at Princeton University will give a lecture on the works of Toni Morrison entitled, “Trouble in Paradise.” This event is free and open to the public. Reception will follow the lec…

Middle East Panel: Current Turmoil and Future Prospects

Discussion and Q&A on the current situation in the Middle East, featuring scholars in the fields of government, economics, language, history, and religion.Thursday, March 17th 4:00 pm – 6:30pmMiller Hall (Mason School of Business) Brinkley Com…

Bellini Colloquium with Jorge Terukina

Cortés Map of Mexico, Ayer 655.51.C8, Newberry Library

“Creoles, Peninsular Newcomers, and Aristotelian ‘Economic Thought’ in Balbuena’s Mexican Grandeur (1604): a Transatlantic and Pre-Disciplinary Inquiry” Jorge Terukina, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies Wednesday, March 23, 4:00pm. Washington Hall 315 Bernardo de Balbuena (Valdepeñas, Spain, c.1563 – San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1627)’s long poem praising Mexico City, published in 1604, has usually been read as… Read More

Study Abroad La Plata Information Session

You are invited to learn more about W&M’s Semester in La Plata, Argentina Program (Spring or Fall or Both) WHEN: Tuesday, March 15, 5.00 pm WHERE: Washington Hall 315 WHO: La Plata faculty and staff, program alumni, and La Plata Program Faculty Advisor Professor Silvia Tandeciarz will present information about courses, homestays, and internship opportuntities… Read More

All is Fair in Art and War: Confiscation of Cultural Property during Times of Armed Conflict

Monday, March 21st 5:00 pmLaw School, Room 127

Gavan McCormack, “The Prefecture that Says “No!” – Okinawa as Japan’s Tahrir Square”


Professor Gavan McCormack will deliver the Art Matsu Lecture on Okinawa and the the civic democratic activism that has evolved there out of the 14-year-long resistance to US and Japanese attempts to build a new Marine base there. March 25, 3:00, Blow Memorial Hall, Room 201. Gavan McCormack is Emeritus Professor and Visiting Fellow, Division… Read More

Gavan McCormack, "The Prefecture that Says "No!" – Okinawa as Japan’s Tahrir Square"

Professor Gavan McCormack will deliver the Art Matsu Lecture on Okinawa and the the civic democratic activism that has evolved in Okinawa out of the 14-year long resistance to US and Japanese attempts to build a new Marine base there.Friday, M…

Between “Pop” and “Radical”


Professor Tomiko Yoda, of Harvard University, will present a lecture, “Between ‘Pop’ and ‘Radical’: Women’s Lib, Media Culture, and Female Nude in Early-1970s Japan.” The lecture will address the resonances between radical feminism (“ûman ribu” or “ribu”) of the early 1970s and new images of femininity that appeared in Japanese popular medias at the time…. Read More

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Victor Mair – "The Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Background of the Silk Road"

Professor Victor Mair will present a lecture titled “The Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Background of the Silk Road”Friday, April 15th 3:30 pmWashington Hall, Room 201

Film Screening: Night Bus 807 (Nattbus 807) (Swedish, 1997; Directed by David Flamholc)


German Studies and European Studies Film Screening: Night Bus 807 (Nattbus 807) (Swedish, 1997; Directed by David Flamholc) Thursday, February 24th 7pm, Blair 201 Gang violence, racism, and minority cultures collide in this 1997 Swedish film. Compared to “A Clockwork Orange” and “Trainspotting,” the film is based on a true story of the murder of… Read More

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2011 Chinese Language Teachers Association of Virginia Spring Workshop


This workshop will introduce useful online tools for Chinese language teachers. These tools include virtual office, virtual classroom, tools of preparing for class, learning materials for students, tools for collaborative learning and working in group, etc. Taking advantage of these free or less expensive tools will make teaching more efficient and productive. Teachers should be… Read More

Guest Lecture: “Visuality, Nationality, Archive”


Steven Chung of Princeton U. will give a lecture on Korean film of the colonial period, entitled “Visuality, Nationality, Archive.”  5:00 pm, Washington 201. In connection with Professor Chung’s lecture, there will be a screening of the film “Homeless Angels” (aka “Angels on the Street,” 1941) directed by Choi In-gyu, on Sunday, Feb. 27. Steven Chung… Read More

Prof. Victor Mair discusses “The Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Background of the Silk Road “


As part of the Asian Studies Initiative’s Spring 2011 Conference on the Silk Road, Prof. Victor Mair of the University of Pennsylvania, world-renowned literary scholar and archaeologist, will give a lecture entitled  “The Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Background of the Silk Road.” A specialist on classical and medieval Chinese literature, Dunhuang excavations and… Read More

Public Film Screening at the Muscarelle Museum of Art: DESERT OF FORBIDDEN ART


Starts: February 24, 2011 at 7:00 PM Location: Muscarelle Museum of Art Event URL: Contact:, Summary This award-winning 2010 documentary highlights the life and achievements of Igor Savitsky (1915-1984), who rescued 44,000 works of unsanctioned Soviet art and founded a museum to display them. Today, the Nukus Art Museum, located in Karakalpakstan,… Read More

The 2011 Tournees Film Festival: Reves de Poussiere


All films will be shown at the Kimball Theater on Duke of Gloucester Street For more information visit the Film Festival website here:

W&M students contribute to classified document release

Wi&M students listen to Carlos Osorio describe what work the archive does in its research library on the students' first visit there.
Photo courtesy of Silvia Tandeciarz

[Story by Erin Zagursky] Research conducted by William & Mary undergraduate students has led to the recent release of formerly classified documents that shed new light on the impact of the detainment of one of Argentina’s most famous political prisoners, Jacobo Timerman. Last spring [2009], 12 William & Mary students worked with Hispanic Studies Professor Silvia Tandeciarz and Southern… Read More

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