RPSS 2020 Homecoming Talk: “Planes, Trains, and Time Machines”

Russian Homecoming Event

On October 29, 2020, Rachel Faith ’14, who works as a translator for the World Intellectual Property Organization (UN) in Geneva, talked about how her expertise in Russian language and culture opened up for her an exciting career in the field of translation and patents. We had a large turnout at the talk and students… Read More

RPSS Homecoming Reception 2019

Homecoming 2019 2

The Russian House (Pleasants Hall) hosted the RPSS Homecoming reception for alumni of the program. Former and current students, friends, majors and minors gathered to catch up and enjoy delicious Russian food. It was great to learn about all the exciting things you are doing and about your future plans. Stay in touch and visit… Read More

Gabriella Carney ’18 on her Fulbright Year in Vienna


Living in Vienna was a fantastic experience.  The Austrian-American Educational Commission Fulbright program gave me the unique opportunity to work abroad and teach English at two Bundesgymnasiums (high schools) and five grades (4th form through 8th form).  My students were very eager to learn about American culture and practice for their English oral section of… Read More

Reed, Suzanne (class of 2010)

Suzanne Reed works for Yandex Money. (update: 2013)

Mrkvicka, Kate (class of 2009)

Kate Mrkvicka has just received her MA from Security Studies Program at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. Her thesis was entitled “Martyrs or Statistics: Self-immolation and Regime Security’ and it examined what societal or political factors make self-immolation incidents a greater threat to a regime’s security, using Vietnam, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania and Tibet as… Read More

McGrath, Alex (class of 2013)

Alex is heading to Novosibirsk, Russia in September as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant! From September 2013  to June 2014 he will be teaching at Novosibirsk State Pedagogical Institute (update: 2013)

Kristine Mosuela Wins Fulbright

Kristine Mosuela has been selected  for a Fulbright U.S. Student award for 2013-2014 to Mongolia.

Geist, Edward (Class of 2006)

Ed Geist defended his dissertation “Two Worlds of Civil Defense: State, Society, and Nuclear Survival in the USA and USSR, 1945-91” at UNC Chapel Hill. Ed also received a postdoc for the next academic year — he will be a Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow at RAND Corporation in Washington, where he will be conducting research related… Read More

Valerie Hopkins

Valerie Hopkins is pursuing an MA in Journalism at Columbia University.  She posted her recent article on FB today (http://www.opendemocracy.net/valerie-hopkins/life-liberty-and-pursuit-of-homeschooling). She also received a summer fellowship to report with Reuters in Belgrade. (update: 2013)  

Preville, Christina (Class of 2011)

Christina studies at the University of Pittsburgh Law School (update: 2013)

Lassin, Jacob ( class of 2013)

Jacob Lassin (’13) Jacob is currently studying Russian in Ufa, Russia.  He is also interning at a local tv station, and has worked translating at a summer biathlon championship.  In fall 2013 Jacob starts graduate program at Yale University (update: 2013).

Sample, Emily (Class of 2011)

Emily is moving to London to attend Kingston University’s Master’s program in Human Rights and Genocide Studies (update: 2012).

Abdullayeva, Sabina (Class of 2011)

Sabina is a grad student in Russian Studies at NYU (update: 2013).                  

Gavin, MK (Class of 2012)

MK currently is a graduate student.  In 2012 MK worked as a Junior Fellows Intern at the Library of Congress.  Her official assignment is to work in the Rare Book and Special Collections Division and within this department, specifically, the Yudin Collection.  The collection is comprised of more than 80,000 documents donated to the LIbrary of Congress in 1906 by a wealthy Siberian businessman, Gennadii Vasil’evich Yudin. Yudin Collection: http://www.loc.gov/rr/rarebook/coll/268.html (update: 2013).

Oakley, Caitlin (Class of 2012)

Caitlin will be working this summer as a Junior Fellows Intern at the Library of Congress.  Her official assignment is to work in the Rare Book and Special Collections Division and within this department, specifically, the Yudin Collection.  The collection is comprised of more than 80,000 documents donated to the LIbrary of Congress in 1906 by a wealthy Siberian businessman, Gennadii Vasil’evich Yudin. Yudin Collection: http://www.loc.gov/rr/rarebook/coll/268.html (update: 2012)

Burke, Maggie (Class of 2012)

Maggiewill be working this summer as a Junior Fellows Intern at the Library of Congress.  Her official assignment is to work in the Rare Book and Special Collections Division and within this department, specifically, the Yudin Collection.  The collection is comprised of more than 80,000 documents donated to the LIbrary of Congress in 1906 by a wealthy Siberian businessman, Gennadii Vasil’evich Yudin. Yudin Collection: http://www.loc.gov/rr/rarebook/coll/268.html (update: 2012).

Bernotas, Monika (Class of 2012)

Monika is the recipient of 2012 Fulbright ETA to Belarus. Also Monika’s article on Pushkinskaia 10 Art Community in St. Petersburg was published in the online journal artinrussia.org, http://artinrussia.org/the-legacy-of-unofficial-art-in-st-petersburg-the-case-of-pushkinkaya-10-art-center/ (update: 2012)

Gordon, Max (Class of 2008)

Max is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Slavic Studies at Northwestern University (update: 2012).

Shneider, Vadim (class of 2009)

Vadim is a Ph.D. student at Yale University (update: 2014).

Michael (Denny) Wysong (Class of 2007)

Michael works for financial industry in the Richmond area (update: 2013).

Thorsen, Elise (Class of 2006)

Elise Thorsen (’06) is currently working on her Ph.D. dissertation.  In 2013 she has been awarded a prestigious Cultural Studies Ph.D. Research Scholarship.  In her own words: “I did embarrassingly well, even, and I think I have support in my department for a dissertation that extrapolates to an abstract level about epos-building and aesthetics from… Read More

Alpert, Erin (Class of 2007)

Erin Alpert has just received a prestigious Lillian B. Lawler Fellowship for advanced Ph.D. research. Her new articles have just been accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals Studies in Documentary Film and Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema.  Her research interests include documentary cinema, GULAG studies and Holocaust studies. (update: 2013).

Sinnott, William (class of 2011)

William Sinnott  accepted his offer to Georgetown’s MA program in Russian and East European Studies. In 2011 Will received the Post-Secondary Russian Scholar Laureate Award. (update: 2012).

Roberts, Michael (Class of 2010)

Michael Roberts (’10) works for the government. (update: 2010) Aktuell arbeitet maren scharpf im kulturamt Blog der stadt tbingen.

O’Grady, Erin (Class of 2010)

Erin O’Grady (’10) works for the government. (update: 2013) Jedes spiel aktiviert dabei beim Bewertung spieler bestimmte prozesse.

Mutchnick, Rosa (Class of 2010)

Rosa Mutchnick (’10) teaches English in Samoa (Teach for America) (update: 2010) It is better to make diagrams, charts, and graphs in https://homeworkhelper.net/ the form of drawings.

Lacy, Seth (Class of 2010)

Seth Lacy (’10) works for the State Department. (update: 2010) answer.

Jordan, Richard (Class of 2010)

Richard Jordan (’10) is a Ph.D. student at Princetion University. (update: 2010) There requirements are applicable https://college-homework-help.org/ to any scientific paper.

Giannino, Pete (Class of 2010)

Pete Giannino (’10) received Fulbright Scholarship and will be spending the next year in Germany. (update: 2010) In any case, scientific publications formulate the requirements for click source the formatting of scientific papers so you can read them more carefully.

Carlson, Kurt (Class of 2010)

Kurt Carlson ( ’10) serves in the US Army. (update: 2013) How to write https://dissertationauthors.com/ a 10 page research paper of a high quality.

Argodale, Sarah (Class of 2010)

Sarah Argodale (’10) is a graduate student. (update: 2013) http://besttrackingapps.com.

Shier, Jacob (Class of 2005)

Jacob Shier (’05) Received Fulbright and taught English in Ekaterinburg and Perm (Russia).  Received M.A. in translation from Columbia University.  “Right now I am in Daegu, South Korea on a one-yera teaching contract with Chungdahm Learning.  I’ve been doing lots of hiking and weekend traveling, and still read in Russian regularly, Anna Karenina being my… Read More

Hutchison, Sarah (Class of 2000)

Sarah Hutchison (’00) currently works for the Department of State.  She got back from Turkmenistan in September 2008 and will be working at the embassy in Bulgaria from summer 2008 until summer 2010.  Sarah used to work at one of the institutes of the National Endowment for Democracy. (update: 2008) Als genretypisch fr das genre… Read More

Dause Romanovich, Karen (Class of 2002)

Karen (Dause) Romanovich (’02) “I think the last time I saw you was perhaps after my first year in Kazakhstan? I spent a total of three years in Kazakhstan, the first in Karaganda and the last two in Kokshetau. Then I moved to Wheaton, Illinois for grad school in Biblical Exegesis (where I was pleasantly… Read More

Nargi Gervasi, Larisa (Class of 2008)

Larisa (Nargi) Gervasi (’08) works for Chesapeake Regional Healthcare Foundation (update: 2010) Neben ghostwriting bachelorarbeit spiel- und genretypischen prozessen gibt es aber auch prozesse und prozessgruppen, die sich in allen genres wiederfinden lassen.

Crossman, Linda (Class of 2008)

Linda Crossman (’08) works for the Defense Security Service (update: 2013). Apart from all this, microsoft has also added a bunch of how to find the hidden spy phone recorder on mylandline phone enterprise grade features to windows phone 8.

Zeldovich, Mikhail (Class of 1997)

Mikhail Zeldovich (’97) received a law degree from Harvard University and is currently practicing law for the US government in DC. (update: 2013) The desire of a student to engage in research activities and write scientific articles https://essaynara.com is always appreciated.

Radshaw, Nicole (Class of 1997)

Nicole Radshaw (’97) received her Masters degree in Slavic Languages and Literatures from the University of Virginia. (update: 2008) Diese zentralen prozesse sind mit https://ghostwritinghilfe.com/ dem planen, ausfhren und reflektieren spielerzentrierter handlungen verbunden dazu zhlen prozesse wie beobachten, analysieren, vorgehensweisen festlegen oder wissen anwenden.

Preston Horwitz, Melissa (Class of 1995)

Melissa Preston Horwitz (’95) Foreign Service Officer for the US Dept. of State. Stationed in China (update: 2010). Your supervisor or professor will not only help you college homework helper by college-homework-help.org in researching and writing the paper, but will also advise you on a scientific edition for publication of your paper.

Powers, Jenne (Class of 1997)

Jenne Powers (’97) teaches in Boston area. (update: 2009) Got her MA in Russian Lit from UNC, Chapel Hill.  She was recently awarded a Fulbright Grant to do dissertation research in Moscow in the Fall and Winter of 2005-06. (update: 2008) Involve co-authors the variant of writing a paper in collaboration is midnightpapers quite promising.

Otterbein, Jen (Class of 1997)

Jen Otterbein (’97) “After teaching Spanish for seven years in high school in New Jersey, I quit my job this summer to go back to school.  I am currently getting my Masters of Divinity at Alliance Theological Seminary in Nyack, NY.  One of the families that is in my program spent a summer teaching English… Read More

Mikeska, Rachel (Class of 1999)

Rachel Mikeska (’99) recently finished a Master’s degree in Historical Preservation at the University of Texas, Austin, and is now on an Alpha Bank fellowship program in Moscow, where she will be working with local government organizations concerned with preserving historically significant architecture. For more information about this program, go to http://www.cdsintl.org/fromusa/alfa.htm. (update: 2008) That… Read More

Mahony, Pamela (Class of 1995)

Pamela Mahony (’95) teaches HS social studies and special ed. (update: 2010) Teamwork is interesting for the authors themselves, and usually extra info admission essay writing turns out to be better.

Holt, Don (Class of 1995)

Don Holt (’95) is currently the Vice President of Institutional Sales for TD Ameritrade (update: 2010) You can https://pro-homework-help.com/ choose your professor, a graduate student or a student as your co-author.

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