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Gender, Race, and Nation in the Glass of Fashion

2016 Nic photo

Congratulations to Nic Querolo (’16), who has been awarded the 2016 MLL Book Prize in Japanese and recently defended his Honors Thesis, earning High Honors! Titled “Reconstructing a National Silhouette: Avant-Garde Fashion and Perceptions of the Japanese Body,” Nic’s thesis focuses on the avant-garde Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo and her label Commes des Garcon, examining how fashion as an… Read More

C.J. Aftergut ’16 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies


The Hispanic Studies faculty had a profound impact on my W&M experience, always encouraging me to extend my learning beyond the classroom. Through summer study abroad in Cádiz and individual research on the body of work of Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez, I made the most of my Hispanic Studies education. Profesora Stock’s Mapping Cuba… Read More

In Deutschland wohnen! W&M grads from different disciplines decide to live, work, and study in Germany


Erin Duffin (German Studies, 2014) Erin writes: “After graduating from William & Mary in 2014, I moved to Stuttgart, Germany to be an au pair for a family there. I spent about a year in Baden-Württemberg getting to know the Schwaben (Swabians, the people who come from the area around Stuttgart), before moving to Berlin… Read More

Christina Alcorta ’16 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies and International Relations


My name is Christina Alcorta and I’m an International Relations and Hispanic Studies double major. I knew coming into college that I wanted to continue my Spanish classes because I have family members in Argentina that I wanted to be able to communicate and visit with. I was expecting more grammar and vocabulary lessons but… Read More

Karen Alvarez ’16 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies


One of the best experiences of my life was studying abroad. I was fortunate enough to study at Science Po Lille where they were so welcoming. Lille became my home away from home. While I have studied French since the 7th grade my French exponentially improved during the six months as I took French classes… Read More

Nadeem Bohsali ’16 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies


As a Freshman, I had no intention to major or minor in French – I was simply taking classes at my own leisure to make my science-heavy course load a little bit more tolerable. I enjoyed classes so much that I decided to minor, then major in French. My favorite class was Prof. Rabalais’ course… Read More

Beatrice Chessman ’16 Senior Profile: German Studies


German Literature class was the first time I explored a topic for a paper that I was truly excited about. I realized I could connect the text to a theme in the world of visual arts. Suddenly I felt that I had important thoughts and I wanted to get them down on paper. Since then… Read More

Abby Conners ’16 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies


First of all, I really enjoyed each of the French courses that I took at William & Mary. I learned a lot not only about French & Francophone language and culture, but also about larger applicable ideas outside of the class context. Both of the courses that I took with Magali Compan stressed thinking outside… Read More

Gillie Cuda ’16 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies and International Relations


In late summer of 2012 after already completing the dreaded online alcohol.edu, I was notified that I had been awarded a scholarship to study in Chongqing, China for a full academic year. I spent the next month hurriedly figuring out my plane flight, how to defer admission at WM for a year, and obtaining a… Read More

Aida-Stephanie Dohou ’16 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies


I have truly enjoyed all of the Hispanic Studies Classes I have taken throughout the years, especially the classes that have challenged me the most because they were outside of my comfort zone such as my two senior seminars “Dictatorship Cultures” and “Franco and his Ghosts”, as well as “Urban Images” with Professor Longo. Majoring… Read More

Ryan Durazo ’16 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies


I can barely begin to describe the impact the Hispanic Studies major has had on my life; even the friendships I have today wouldn’t have been possible without my time in the Casa Hispánica. I’ll always remember the classes that brought to life the stories of the Spanish speaking world, classes like Prof. Greenia’s “Hispanic… Read More

Skyy Eshleman ’16 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies


I have always loved learning languages and this was the main reason that I enrolled in Chinese 101. As I continued to take more classes in the Chinese department, I began to love the language more and more. All of the professors are extremely helpful and truly want to see your Chinese improve and see… Read More

Claire Etheridge ’16 Senior Profile: German Studies


My experience with the German Department has been an amazing part of my undergraduate career. I started at William and Mary as an International Relations major, but as I fulfilled my language requirement with German I discovered amazing classes with inspiring professors, fascinating discussions, and opportunities to improve my writing and interpretation skills. I decided… Read More

Naomi Feliz ’16 Senior Profiles: French and Francophone Studies


The French and Francophone Studies Department was, as the French say, génial!

Lauren Fernandez ’16 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies


The most important thing the Hispanic Studies Department taught me is that education is about more than grades. I was a transfer student and I took two classes in Hispanic Studies my first semester at William & Mary, with Professor Root and Professor Cate-Arries. The classes were both challenging compared to anything I had taken… Read More

Matthew Ferry ’16 Student Profile: Russian Studies (RPSS)


My adventure through RPSS began my freshman year in a fantastic course on Russian Myths and Legends. I was fascinated by the richness of a culture that Rocky and Bullwinkle had always taught me was foreign and taboo, and I soon realized that if I hoped to learn any more about it I would need… Read More

Emma Hall Kessel ’16 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies and History


As a double major in Hispanic Studies and History, I’ve enjoyed my last three years at the College after transferring my freshman year. This past summer, I had the pleasure of studying abroad in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and during the fall 2015 semester I studied abroad in Seville, Spain. I’ve been honored to take… Read More

Stephanie Heredia ’16 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies


I came to William and Mary with plans on majoring in English and Philosophy. When registering for Fall classes, I didn’t get all of the classes I wanted because I was a freshman of course and needed a class to fulfill the 12 credit requirement. All the classes were pretty much taken except for a… Read More

Joanna Hernandez ’16 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

Joanna Hernandez Professional Pic

The Hispanic Studies Department gave a voice to my reality. All my life I’d experienced my Latin-ness outside academia and had rarely studied it beyond my own experience. I entered my first Hispanic Studies class at William & Mary and immediately knew it was the perfect department for me. I felt consistently empowered as I… Read More

Hannah Hoff ’16 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies

Paris- Louvre

I loved studying abroad in Montpellier, France during the spring semester of my junior year. It was an amazing to not only travel all over France, but also to live with a French family. My French got so much better, and being immersed in French culture really helped us understand the country! It was fun… Read More

Chantal Houglan ’16 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies


Under the guidance of Professor Cate-Arries, I engaged in a research project in Cádiz, Spain during the summer of 2013. My research focused on a Cádiz-based fashion festival’s function as a cultural escape valve during a worrisome economic crisis. My research demonstrated how fashion functions as much more than just a showcase for material possessions,… Read More

Alex Jimenez de Alcantara ’16 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies


Studying abroad in Montpellier, France my sophomore year of college was an unforgettable experience in my life. It was a dream come true to be able to study and travel to cities in France, like Nice, Avignon, Marseille, Lyon, and Paris. I will always be grateful to the Department of Modern Languages at William and… Read More

Jacob Keohane ’16 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies


I became a Chinese major almost by accident. Although I arrived here intending to put my days of studying Chinese behind me, I went on the W&M at Tsinghua University summer abroad program my sophomore year as a sort of last hurrah. Surprisingly, I found those seven weeks weren’t enough, and went abroad again for… Read More

Maddie Lewis ’16 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies


I had a great experience in the French Department. All of the professors I was lucky enough to take classes with were fantastic. Not only were they knowledgeable about their subject matter, they were also passionate about teaching. I have learned many valuable skills from them that will help me go on to be a… Read More

Max Lipkin ’16 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies and Japanese Studies


I was a student of Chinese and Japanese, taking four years of Chinese language courses and three years of Japanese. My favorite electives have been Professor Tang’s Chinese poetry, Professor Kitamura’s East Asian Cinema, and Professor Cronin’s Japanese Pop Culture. I lived in the Chinese language house for my sophomore and junior years, and loved… Read More

Matt Longabaugh ’16 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies


My favorite classes were both of my senior seminars, global issues in poetry, with Teresa Longo, and dictatorship cultures, with Silvia Tandeciarz. I’d like to thank both of them for showing me perspectives I could not have otherwise studied. I also highly enjoyed introduction to philosophy, which I took at the Universidad Nacional de La… Read More

Carly Machlan ’16 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies


My hands-down favorite experience as a Hispanic Studies major was studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain during the fall of 2014. Not only did my Spanish abilities improve exponentially, but I experienced life as a Sevilliana for four months, spoiled by the love of my host parents, the ecstasy of churros, and the absolute beauty that… Read More

Emily McLenigan ’16 Senior Profile: French and International Relations


Emily McLenigan is an International Relations and French major from Clifton, VA. She has immensely enjoyed her time in the Modern Languages Department at W&M and her favorite memories range from making new friends and savoring the results of their culinary exploits at the French House to researching the geography of the Tour de France… Read More

Benjamin Neville ’16 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies


Some of my best experiences in the Chinese Languages and Literatures department were writing research papers. I took Dr. Yanfang Tang’s Chinese poetry class in the spring semester of 2015, and Dr. Calvin Hui’s Senior Seminar on Shanzhai Culture in the fall of 2016. Both of these professors allowed and encouraged me to research things… Read More

Gregory Packer Jr. ’16 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies & International Relations


I have been taking Spanish classes since I was in the 7th grade (I was living in Seoul Korea at the time). So it was a natural progression for me to double major in Hispanic Studies and International Relations. I have really enjoyed many of my Department of Modern Languages classes but two of them… Read More

Isabel Perrin ’16 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies


My name is Isabel Perrin and I am a Chinese major here at the college! I had a bit of a crazy life growing up overseas in Asia and South America but my time in Beijing was especially influential. Studying Chinese with Su Laoshi and Zhou Laoshi has been incredibly rewarding, 谢谢您! Not to mention… Read More

Gilbert Pitcher ’16 Senior Profile: German Studies and Russian Studies


I declared my German Studies major shortly after transferring to William & Mary my sophomore year. Around the same time, I decided to pick up a second language, so I started taking Russian courses. I had a number of Russian friends growing up, and the language and culture had always interested me. I spent my… Read More

Nic Querolo ’16 Student Profile: Japanese Studies


Nic Querolo has taken courses in the Japanese department throughout his time at the College. He studied language and international business abroad at Keio University in Tokyo during the spring semester of his sophomore year. Upon returning, he began the process of creating his own major in Japanese through the Charles Center since it is… Read More

Marshall Richards ’16 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies


The most important experience I had with Chinese was in the six months I spent studying abroad in Beijing. Not only did I learn more than I ever could have in the US, I had experiences that I may never have had the opportunity to otherwise. Were it not for the guidance of professors in… Read More

Diana Ruiz ’16 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies


My most memorable and important education experience was when I studied abroad in Montpellier my Junior year. It was a very challenging but truly rewarding experience. Living with a host family forced me to speak French constantly and it really helped me improve my language skills. I was also able to travel throughout France to… Read More

Julie Seeley-Hall ’16 Senior Profile: Russian Studies (RPSS)


My time in the Russian department at William and Mary has been fun and rewarding. I’ve enjoyed improving my Russian both in class and in the St. Petersburg study abroad program. More than an academic program, the Russian department has been a welcoming community. From guest lectures to Maslenitsa at the Russian house, it is… Read More

Jillian Sequiera ’16 Senior Profile: Italian Studies and Government


Jillian Sequiera is a Government and Italian Studies double major who recently received Highest Honors for her thesis “Antifascist Graffiti: Crime or Contribution?” Jillian is an editor at the Writing Resources Center, a writer for the Law Street Media blog and a TA for the Italian department. Her favorite courses as an undergrad were Terrorism… Read More

Spencer Small ’16 Senior Profile: Russian Studies (RPSS)


As a graduating senior with a degree in Russian and Post-Soviet Studies, and a minor in History, the world is truly my oyster. Immediately after graduating I ship off to Russia to study at Lobachevskii State University of Nizhnii Novgorod (Нижегородский государственный университет имени Н. И. Лобачевского) with the Critical Language Scholarship. Afterwards I will… Read More

Jacqui Sorg ’16 Senior Profile: German Studies and Linguistics


My foray into German Studies at William & Mary has been fast-paced and thoroughly rewarding: after my first year I enrolled in the six-week summer abroad program in Potsdam where I tested into the more advanced course and subsequently went on to more advanced literary courses in the following semesters despite beginning to study German… Read More

Genevieve Spuhler ’16 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

Study Abroad (GS)

The most important educational experience I had was without a doubt my study abroad experience. I spent the fall semester my junior year (Fall 2014) in Sevilla, España with the William & Mary program. While the classes I took in Spanish were very manageable, the homestay experience was definitely the most impactful. When you have… Read More

Tori Taggart ’16 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies


One of my favorite experiences in Modern Languages was studying abroad in Montpellier during summer 2014. Even though it was only a month, I had a wonderful time and learned a lot from the grammar course at Paul-Valéry and my projet de recherche. I loved staying with my host family, getting to know and cooking… Read More

Arianna Talaie ’16 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies and Government


Arianna Talaie majored in Government and Hispanic Studies during her time here at the College, combining her two passions of foreign policy and languages. Her interests in globalization, diplomacy and transnational migration led her to walk 75 miles of the Camino de Santiago route across northern Spain during the summer of 2014 to advance research… Read More

Juliet Waters ’16 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies


All the teachers in the Hispanic Studies department have made important impressions on me through their individual interests I have been able to learn about such wide variety of cultural issues. My most notable educational experience was going abroad to Cadiz, Spain last summer. The classes I took there were amazing at challenging me to… Read More

Alumni Video Profile: Kevin Lonabaugh


Kevin Lonabaugh, W&M Class of 2010 discusses the lessons he learned while a French and Francophone Studies major at William & Mary, and how his experiences here at the college are currently at play in his new life at pharmacy school at the University of Virginia.

Introducing Italian Professor Monica Seger

Professor Monica Seger is our new faculty member in Italian Studies. In this interview, Professor Seger talks about her research, courses she’s teaching, and how her passion for the environment breathes life into both.

Prof. Bruce Campbell Discusses His New German Detective Fiction Book

In 2014, Prof. Bruce Campbell came out with a new book which he co-edited and wrote an article for. The volume, titled Detectives, Dystopias, and Poplit: Studies in Modern German Genre Fiction, is a study of what Prof. Campbell describes as denigrated genres of popular fiction. Below is his discussion about the production of the… Read More

French Prof. Magali Compan’s Students Speak Out About New Course

In the Fall semester 2014, Prof. Magali Compan taught a new course in the French section, a Freshman seminar entitled “Francophone Women Writers”. The course examined texts by women from around the Francophone World (Mauritius Island, France, Haiti, Guadeloupe, Reunion Island, Sénégal, Tahiti, Algeria). During the course of the semester, students examined how women from… Read More

Visiting Professor of Chinese Jennifer Lee on Teaching and Research

Professor Jennifer Lee arrived at William and Mary in the Fall and has jumped into her duties in the Chinese program. Below is an interview with Prof. Lee about her teaching, research, and life at the College.

Iron Chef Katsuya Fukushima Cooks for the Arabic House

Chef Katsuya Fukushima, owner of Washington, DC ramen restaurant Daikaya and two-time winner of Iron Chef America came to William and Mary in the Fall to teach a class on Arabic cooking. Chef Fukushima cooked for students of Prof. Stephen Sheehi in the Arabic House, taught them about Arabic cooking and then answered some questions… Read More

2014 Russian Language Olympics (Photo Album)

Sierra Barnes ’14 Senior Profile: German Studies


As someone who had studied German all through high school and absolutely loved it, the decision to major in German Studies seemed logical. I didn’t know it then, but that was the best worst-informed decision I have yet made. Studying modern languages gave me the opportunity to go overseas, study in Germany, and now possibly… Read More

Michaela Beane ’14 Senior Profile: French & Francophone Studies

Senior Bio Pic Beane

After graduating high school from the American School of Paris, Michaela entered William & Mary with a love for the French language and planned to pursue a minor in the field. Once here, her experiences in the Modern Languages department not only convinced her to pursue a major in French and Francophone Studies, but they… Read More

Brooke Carr ’14 Senior Profile: French & Francophone Studies


Brooke Carr is a French and Psychology double major.  After taking her first French courses at William and Mary, she decided to pursue a major because of the faculty that was so invested in the students and she found that she was passionate about the French language and culture.  Her first semester senior year, she… Read More

Mariama Cooper ’14 Senior Profile: French & Francophone Studies


For the past nine years, French has been a major part of my life (no pun intended). A Francophile at heart, the language and culture appeal to me in such a way that I often wish they were my own. Being a French major has helped me refine my lingual skills and made me even… Read More

Antonio Douglas ’14 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies


My name is Antonio Douglas, a Chinese Major, Process Management and Consulting Minor, and Senior at The College of William and Mary. As graduation looms ever closer, it is funny to think how my Chinese experience started simply as s bid for more credits Freshman year. Nonetheless, four years later I find myself with strong… Read More

Erin Duffin ’14 Senior Profile: German Studies


I have always loved languages, but never had a chance to study German until college. I started taking German Fall of freshman year, partly because my dad speaks it, but also on a whim just to see what it was all about. Somehow I ended up being an accidental major. Definitely the best experience I’ve… Read More

Brittney Gordon ’14 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies


I will be graduating with a double major in Hispanic Studies and Accounting with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. I knew I was a Hispanic Studies major at heart since high school, when I became fascinated with the Spanish language and culture. Upon entering William & Mary, I was deeply involved with the Latin American Student… Read More

2014 William & Mary French & Francophone Film Festival

The William and Mary French and Francophone Film Festival brings every year award-winning french language films. The program starts this year on Friday January 31 and will run until February 28. For more details about the program,  consult the festival website (wm4f.wm.edu). You can also watch the trailer:

Sara Rock ’14 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies

student for confucious institute

Sara is a senior with a double major in International Relations and Chinese at the College of William & Mary. She is a Research Fellow at the Center for Geospatial Analysis and spent the past summer as an AidData Summer Fellow working at Kathmandu University in Nepal. She taught AidData methodology and geographic information software… Read More

Video Interview: Study Abroad in St. Petersburg 2013 Recap

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 9.53.52 AM

In this interview with Prof Fred Corney, we find out about the research projects our students tackled during the William & Mary Study Abroad in St. Petersburg program in the Summer of 2013. Fred discusses some of the interesting projects and gives his own perspective on the real importance of this research component in our… Read More

Interview: New Chinese Faculty Members Calvin Hui and Lunpeng Ma


This year, we are excited to have two new faculty in the Chinese program: Calvin Hui and Lunpeng Ma. Calvin Hui (PhD in Literature, Duke University, May 2013) is Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies. His research focuses on modern Chinese humanities (film, media, literature), critical theory, cultural studies, with an emphasis on Marxist theory, gender… Read More

Potsdam 2010


Japanese Program Graduation News

Photo soyoung-kim (1)

1) MLL Book Prize in Japanese The prize is awarded to a student who has shown overall excellence in Japanese studies. This student is often an East Asian Studies major. This year’s award goes to Soyoung Kim. Soyoung Kim was born and raised in South Korea. She started learning Japanese in high school, and continued… Read More

Laura Faircloth, Graduating Senior on Arabic Studies

Laura Faircloth

“As a graduating senior, I have really enjoyed studying Arabic during my time here at the college.  As difficult as it was, the support of my professors and the camaraderie with my classmates made studying Arabic a little easier, and definitely more fun.  It was also really cool to see how much I learned; four… Read More

W&M Alum, Chris Bubb, Passes Top Level on Japanese Language Test

My elementary school class

Hi, everyone. I’m Chris Bubb, a 2010 graduate of the College and former W&M Japanese student. Recently, I was excited to have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test top level N1 exam. Below I share some of my experiences with the Japanese language at W&M and post-graduation, as well as suggestions for improving your Japanese… Read More

(Ful-)Brightening Students’ Futures in German Studies at W&M

Brandon De Graaf, recipient of the Austrian Government English Teaching Assistantship, administered by the Fulbright Commission, with Professor Rob Leventhal at the MLL Graduation Ceremony

Students of the German Studies Program at William and Mary have had remarkable success in winning major international fellowships over the last decade. This year, Judd Peverall (German Studies and Philosophy, ’13) and Libby Hennemuth (Hispanic Studies and Government, ’13) were awarded the highly prestigious Fulbright ETA Fellowship to Germany, and Brandon De Graaf (German… Read More

2013 Phi Beta Kappa Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching to Yanfang Tang


Yanfang Tang is a Professor of Chinese Studies in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at the College of William and Mary.  She is the Director of the Chinese Studies Program and also serves as the Director of the Confucius Institute at the College. She received her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in… Read More

Jack Brorsen ’13 Senior Profile: Japanese Studies


I had always wanted to study Japanese. I chose to attend William and Mary because of its opportunities with Japanese in and out of the classroom, and once here decided to major in East Asian Studies (technically Asian and Middle Eastern Studies) and picked up a secondary major in psychology along the way. During my… Read More

Kayla Grant ’13 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies


Kayla Grant graduates as an English and French double major, having been awarded Highest Honors for her thesis in the English Department. She studied French throughout her time at William and Mary, and also had the opportunity to practice her language skills while studying abroad in Lyon, France and Meknes, Morocco. Kayla also studied Arabic for… Read More

PBK Award for Excellence in Research for 2012: Rob Leventhal


Rob is Associate Professor of German Studies at the College of William and Mary, where he teaches German language, literature, thought and culture from the 18th century to the present. 1975-1982 Stanford University, Ph.D. in German Thought and Literature (1982) 1976  Stanford University, M.A. in German Literature, with Distinction (September, 1976) 1979-1980 Institut für deutsche… Read More

Plumeri Award for 2012: Alexander Prokhorov

Alexander Prokhorov

Alexander Prokhorov is Associate Professor of Russian and Film Studies at College of William and Mary. His research interests include: Russian visual culture, genre theory, and film history. He is the author of Inherited Discourse: Paradigms of Stalinist Culture in Literature and Cinema of the Thaw (Akademicheskii proekt, 2007) and the editor of Springtime for… Read More

Plumeri Award for 2012: Regina Root


Root’s research interests include the material and environmental culture of the Americas. She is the editor of The Latin American Fashion Reader (Berg Publishers 2005), which takes a broad look at the influence of Latin American culture on global fashion trends. The volume was awarded the 2006 Arthur P. Whitaker Prize, shortlisted for the 2006… Read More

Student Profile: Casey Swann ’12 (Video Feature)


Casey Swann ’12 spoke to me a few days before graduation this May about her self-designed Italian Studies major, her study abroad research in Rome, Italy, and about her plans for after graduation.

Student Profile: Kelly Houck ’12 (Video Feature)


Kelly Houck ’12 sat down with me a couple of days before graduation to talk about her experiences in the Arabic program at the College, her study abroad in Morocco, and what her plans are after graduation.

Student Profile: Bridget Carr ’12 (Video Feature)


Bridget Carr, one of our graduating seniors in French and Francophone Studies, was kind enough to sit down and talk with us right after she defended her Senior Honors Thesis on French relations in Senegal. Prof. Nicolas Medevielle and I talked to Bridget about her study abroad research, how she used that research to develop… Read More

Graduation 2012 Photo Gallery


Modern Languages  and Literatures and Global Studies Graduates celebrated with family, friends, and faculty on Saturday and Sunday, May 12 and 13, in graduation ceremonies at Phi Beta Kappa Hall (Global Studies and International Relations) and on the Wren Lawn (Modern Languages and Literatures). Here is a selection of photos from the events.

Student Profile: Jacob Lassin ’12 (Video Feature)


Jacob Lassin recently won the American Council of Teachers of Russian’s (ACTR) Post Secondary Russian Scholar Laureate Award. This award, according to the ACTR newsletter, “honors those students who embody a love for and dedication to things Russian that is unparalleled among their peers.” Each college or university where Russian is taught may nominate one… Read More

Homecoming 2011 Photo Gallery


We had a great time at the Modern Languages 2nd Annual Homecoming Reception this year, which was once again held in the Reves Room at the Reves Center for International Relations. The turnout was good, with plenty of alumni, many faculty members and some of our best current students to round out the party. I… Read More

Faculty Profile: Michael Cronin (Japanese)

Screen shot 2011-11-29 at 2.11.25 PM

In this interview, Michael Cronin, Assistant Professor of Japanese Language and Literature, discusses his research on the Japanese city of Osaka and how he’s bringing that research into the classroom this year in a course he’s team-teaching about “The City” with Prof. Rob Leventhal in German Studies. He also gives some book and film recommendations… Read More

Poetry: A Tool for Literacy & National Identity in Nicaragua


by Leslie McCullough |  November 7, 2011 Nicaragua is often thought of as “a nation of poets.” National poets such as Rubén Darío and Ernesto Cardenal have made significant contributions to world literature. Less known but also significant is the transformative role poetry has played in educating Nicaraguan youth in resource-scarce schools and in adult… Read More

Faculty Profile: Anita Angelone (Italian)

Screen shot 2011-11-09 at 10.56.00 AM

In this video interview, I talk to Anita Angelone, Professor of Italian Language and Literature at the College. She discusses her latest research project on the Gypsies of Italy, some of the courses she’s currently teaching, and I also ask her to recommend something good to read.

Faculty Profile: Jorge Terukina (Hispanic Studies)

Screen shot 2011-11-09 at 10.43.15 AM

I recently sat down for a video interview with Jorge Terukina, one of our newest faculty members in the Hispanic Studies program at the College of William & Mary. I asked him about his research interests, his latest academic project, the courses he’s teaching, and finally, I asked for book recommendations dealing with Hispanic Studies.

Faculty Profile: Rob St. Clair (French & Francophone Studies)

Screen shot 2011-11-09 at 10.25.06 AM

In this video profile, one of the Department of Modern Languages’ newest faculty members, Rob St. Clair, sits down with me to discuss his research on the French poet, Arthur Rimbaud; some of his favorite topics to teach; and a reading recommendation, among other things.

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Teaching palette refreshed with cultural insights


by Leslie McCullough | October 17, 2011 Kranbuehl Travel Award In late 2009, Chemistry Professor David Kranbuehl established a charitable remainder trust to support travel for Modern Language’s continuing faculty who teach introductory language courses. “I believe in the importance of international studies, and I wanted to reward the people who teach language courses,” says Kranbuehl… Read More

Faculty Governance Award for 2011: Katherine Kulick


My primary area of research is at the intersection of second language acquisition theory and foreign language teaching pedagogies.   The classroom is my laboratory for exploring language acquisition processes and the many factors that influence adult foreign language achievement and proficiency levels.  My research bridges the gap between the theories of foreign language acquisition and the real world classroom experience of language… Read More

Homecoming 2011 Signup Sheet

We look forward to seeing you at homecoming this year! Fill out the form below to let us know we can expect you! Modern Languages and Literatures will host our homecoming wine and cheese reception in the Reves Room on Friday, October 21 from 4-6pm.

Katherine Kulick wins Aceto Award

Story by Megan Shearin, June 10 2011 Associate Professor of French and Modern Languages Katherine Kulick is once again being lauded for her service and governance to William & Mary. Kulick has been selected as the first recipient of the newly created Shirley Aceto Service Award, an honor to be awarded annually to a member… Read More

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2010-2011 Awards & Scholarships

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures is proud to announce the 2010-2011 graduating student awards and scholarships: Dr. J. Richard Guthrie Scholarship in German Studies Anna S. Kim Judson R. Peverall Kai I. Simenson Elaine M. Vega Elsa S. Diduk Scholarship in German Studies Judson R. Peverall Dobro Slovo Scholarship in Russian Studies William… Read More

Mike Blum receives 2011 Duke Award

by Erin Zagursky | April 19, 2011 When Mike Blum received a phone call from William & Mary President Taylor Reveley telling him that he had won this year’s Duke Award, the academic technologist suspected that his friends were playing a trick on him. When he next got a call from the president’s assistant and… Read More

Bellini Colloquium Talk: Vlad Dima


Thursday, April 21st, 4:00 PM, Washington 315 Sound Moves: Sonic Space in French and Senegalese Cinemas This presentation explores the ways in which sound creates a new sense of spatiality in the films of Jean-Luc Godard and Djibril-Diop Mambety. Both directors challenge the primacy of the visual by foregrounding how aural planes affect and alter… Read More

W&M student wins Latino Scholar award

Milena Jaimes Ayala and Prof. Jonathan Arries

Milena Jaimes Ayala received the “VALHEN Latino Scholars Award” at the annual meeting of the Virginia Latino Higher Education Network on March 25th, 2011. A junior, Milena transferred to William and Mary this spring semester from Richard Bland College. Her major is Kinesiology and Health Sciences, a field she chose because of her desire to… Read More

Russian television provides opportunities for learning and collaborative research


Watching too much television is bad for you. That is, unless you’re a student in Elena Prokhorova’s Senior Research Seminar class. In Prof. Prokhorova’s class, they’re studying the cultural significance of television programs like the Russian version of Fran Drescher’s sitcom “The Nanny”, but this is no mere classroom exercise. The course is designed around… Read More

W&M Chinese faculty to host teaching workshop


The phenomenal rise of interest in Chinese language study is making a significant mark in the transformation of the K-12 curriculum. As college programs across the country continue to expand, elementary and secondary institutions are also hiring more teachers and building new curricula to accommodate demand for Chinese from schoolchildren and their parents. Increasingly important… Read More

Chinese film digs out of poverty


In the middle of the night, when the police are avoiding unpaved roads, a group of miners transports petrified wood to Shanghai and Beijing. For a group of Uighur miners, this transport of petrified wood is their first stepping stone out of poverty: one piece may earn them over half a million Chinese yuan. On… Read More

Faculty Profile: John “Rio” Riofrio (Hispanic Studies)


John “Rio” Riofrio is a faculty member in Hispanic Studies. His interest in Latino and Latin American Studies influence much of his research and his courses. In this video profile, Rio discusses his class on Mexico, his research for an upcoming book, and what he likes about teaching at William & Mary. In the video,… Read More

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Russian Maslenitsa 2011


Maslenitsa is a great time for the Russian Department to come together and enjoy each other’s company. In Russia, Maslenitsa is a celebration of the sun. In the Russian House, it’s a celebration of friendship and the spring semester. Every year enormous amounts of Russian food is prepared including blini, crab salad, and buterbrod. Both… Read More

Spanish Pilgrimage brings together Hollywood stars, academics


An academic colloquium is not usually where one would expect to see Hollywood stars, but the Camino de Santiago is said to have caused greater miracles to happen. The thousand-year-old Spanish pilgrimage is the setting for “The Way,” a new film written and directed by Emilio Estevez and starring Martin Sheen. Thanks to the efforts… Read More

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