A Short, but True Story

I took this picture when I returned to the gardens.

On a day when I was disheartened with Montpellier, it managed to surprise me once again. I had eaten at McDo alone, and was very much lost on what I knew would be a futile attempt to start my on-the-ground research. There I was, eight o’clock at night, on a strange street lined with dilapidated… Read More

Bienvenue a Montpellier!

Me at an abbey dating from the 800s.

Bonjour de Montpellier! Je m’appelle Lindsey and I’ve just finished my first week of classes at the IEFE here at Universite Paul-Valery in the south of France. I absolutely adore Montpellier; it’s a wonderful mix of old and new, a place where architecture from the Middle Ages can blend effortlessly with department store soldes. In… Read More

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