Molly Bertolacini ’17 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies


Throughout my time as a Hispanic Studies major at William & Mary I have gained fluency in Spanish, the opportunity to live in Seville with a spectacular host family, and a strong intimacy with Spanish culture, literature, art, film, and history. It’s safe to say I will truly never look at Pablo Neruda’s poetry or… Read More

Nathaniel Clemens ’17 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

Nathaniel Clemens

My favorite part about my studies is that my learning was never limited to the classroom. My professors actively encouraged me to apply my readings and discussions to the real world, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in two study abroad programs: studying politics and flamenco in Cádiz, Spain and… Read More

Neal Courter ’17 Senior Profile French & Francophone Studies

Neal Courter_Photo

Through the MLL department, I’ve had the opportunity to take both French and German classes from inspiring, engaging, and genuinely kind professors. I’ve been not only a student, but also a tutor, TA, and grader, allowing me to share my knowledge and passion for foreign languages with other talented students, many of whom I can… Read More

Shihao Du ’17 Senior Profile: German Studies

Shihao Du

My name is Shihao Du, a German Studies and Linguistics double major. To be honest, four years ago, when I just embarked on my journey at W&M, German Studies was not one of the subjects, that I was considering to major in. Back then the only experience I had with Germany and the German language… Read More

Katie Freund ’17 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies


As a student of Hispanic Studies at William & Mary I have been given the skills and opportunities to develop both my proficiency as a Spanish speaker, my cultural knowledge of Spain and Latin America, and my general understanding of people with backgrounds different than my own. Some of the best parts of my experience… Read More

Thompson Hangen ’17 Senior Profile: Russian and Post-Soviet Studies


Thompson Hangen decided to major in RPSS after returning from a two year mission as an LDS missionary in Samara, Russia. While in Russia, Thompson lived in various cities, from Kazan to Saratov, and gained a deep love for Russian culture, leading him to declare a major in RPSS. Thompson has accepted a position as… Read More

Zachary Harris ’17 Senior Profile: Russian and Post-Soviet Studies


I was initially drawn to Russian studies by my interest in Russian history. When I arrived at William & Mary, I was surprised by the extent of Russian related classes and activities available to me and I quickly began to immerse myself in the program. What started as just an interest in history expanded into… Read More

Vitaliy Humenyuk ’17 Senior Profile: German Studies

Vitaliy Humenyuk (2)

I was born and raised in Chortkiv, a beautiful city in Western Ukraine. Ever since I can remember, I have always been passionate about learning new cultures, languages and the history of Europe and hoped for a greater opportunity to see and experience the world, face new challenges, and become part of the place with… Read More

Lydia Hurtado ’17 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies


Majoring in Hispanic Studies has changed the way I engage the world around me. It has shown me how to seek and advocate for the humanity of others, how to use the pen as a sword and words as light. In learning of so many of the tragedies of humankind, I have seen its sorrow,… Read More

Abe Kruger ’17 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies

My Chinese studies began with a study abroad trip to Beijing in the summer of 2012 and I have enjoyed studying Chinese ever since. Now, five years later, the Chinese program plays a major role in my life at William & Mary. As my Chinese skills have grown, so has my involvement with Chinese organizations… Read More

Sarah Lewis ’17 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies

Sarah Lewis

My experience as a student in the William and Mary French and Francophone Studies department has been inspiring and illuminating. As a student in the French department, I had the opportunity to learn French from brilliant professors from diverse backgrounds. I had the opportunity to spend one week in Paris with classmates and Professor Fauvel,… Read More

Maya Loehr ’17 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies


When I came to W&M I knew I wanted to continue taking Spanish classes, but I had no idea that would lead to becoming a Hispanic Studies major! Spending a semester in Sevilla opened my eyes to new and exciting experiences, like living with my wonderful host family, and exploring Spain. Because of my time… Read More

Kyle McQuillan ’17 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies


The Hispanic Studies department at William and Mary gave me the flexibility to pursue my passion for language and culture while also taking classes and exploring my interests outside of my major. During the summer following my sophomore year I studied in Cadiz, Spain and did a research project on Spanish gender roles, including the… Read More

Rhea Menon ’17 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies

Rhea Menon

My introduction to the Chinese Studies program was an extraordinary bit of serendipity. The Chinese department is one of the best communities at W&M and gave me the opportunity of a life-time to study abroad for a semester in Beijing. Apart from the language, the emphasis on the culture and history influenced me to declare a… Read More

Paul Naanou ’17 Senior Profile: French & Francophone Studies


MLL is more than a university department, it is a family. My professors and my classmates are among the coolest people I know and it has been a privilege to know them. As a Math major, it was really important for me to maintain my connection with the humanities and my French major gave that… Read More

Lorraine Pettit ’17 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies

Lorraine Pettit

If you had told me I would major in French at the beginning of college, I would not have believed you. However, I knew it was a possibility after taking my first French class at the College and that I would major in it after my second class. The French department has been both an… Read More

Mark Schreiber ’17 Senior Profile: German Studies

Undertaking a major in German Studies was one of the best decisions of my college career. I owe a debt of gratitude to professors Campbell, Gully, Leventhal and others for teaching me not just German, but helping me to discover better ways to approach life, the universe, and everything. Due in part to their influences, I… Read More

Nathan Setka ’17 Senior Profile: German Studies

Nathan Setka

My time with the German Program at William & Mary has been a focal point of my college experience. Coming from a military family, I spent my high school years actually living in Germany. The German program at W&M allowed me to continue learning the language, immerse myself in the culture, and gave me opportunities to go… Read More

Kara Smith ’17 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies

Kara Smith

My name is Kara Smith. My major is Chinese Language and Culture. The Chinese program at William and Mary has helped me to improve my language ability and become more confident in my speaking skills. One of the memories that I will take with me is the opportunity to study abroad at Tsinghua University. Experiencing… Read More

Londyn Smith ’17 Senior Profile: Russian and Post-Soviet Studies


Hello, my name is Londyn Smith and I am graduating with a Russian & Post-Soviet Studies major. I first became interested in Russian when I took it for my language requirement, and I just completely fell in love with it. While studying Russian, I studied abroad in Saint Petersburg, lived in the Russian house, and… Read More

Maggie Swift ’17 Senior Profile: Russian and Post-Soviet Studies

Maggie Swift

My name is Maggie Swift, and I’m a Mathematical Biology major with a Russian & Post-Soviet Studies minor.  I’ve been a part of the Russian department my entire time at W&M and I couldn’t be happier!  When coming into college, the only thing I knew was that I wanted to take Russian, as it wasn’t… Read More

Rosie Vita ’17 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies

Rosie Vita

I really enjoyed my time with the French department. I didn’t come into college expecting to be a French major, but early on my freshman year I found that my most rewarding classes were where I was able to speak French and learn about other cultures. Through my time in these classes and abroad in… Read More

Taylor Winslow ’17 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies


I have had a wonderful experience these past four years in the French and Francophone Studies Department. I have always felt that there is a lot of unity and sincerity in this community of scholars despite the endless variety in ways my fellow students and I plan on integrating our French degree  into our adult… Read More

Meredith Wolf ’17 Senior Profile: German Studies


Transferring to W&M has been a roller coaster, but one of the highlights has been being involved with the MLL department. I started taking German a year and a half ago at W&M and it’s easily the skill I’ve gained here of which I’m most proud. I loved going to Professor Jeltsch’s German class every day, and… Read More

Emily Wynn ’17 Senior Profile: Russian and Post-Soviet Studies

Emily Wynn

I came into college determined to be an English major, but I never expected to like Russian and Post-Soviet Studies enough to add it as a minor. I started taking Russian language classes only to fulfill William & Mary’s language requirement. I remember sitting in my freshman dorm doing laundry for the first time and… Read More

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